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no time for momLet’s Talk About You! No Time For Mom with Felice Gerwitz

We are busy. We homeschool, we run errands, manage a household, take care of kids and of course, that is only what we do by day! Our list can grow when we add volunteering, field trips, caring for elderly parents and more. In this podcast Felice shares some simple truths with a plan of getting your time back and making the “no time for mom,” a myth!

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Show Notes: No Time For Mom  — 

I realized some very important truths…

  1. If we don’t fill up our tank it will run dry, stall and come to a screeching halt.
  2. The old saying, “If mama ain’t happy then no body is happy – is true.”
  3. While in the perfect world it is nice and wonderful and awesome to have a support team to keep us going such as a spouse, extended family members and good friends—there is only one person who will never let us down.
  4. We often make our lives much more complicated than they need to be –
  5. Having it all together is a myth
  6. Guilt runs in the veins of every person I know when it comes to taking time our for ourselves. Homeschool moms typically are not selfish beings – if they were, they more than likely would not homeschool… and that my friends is the underlying issue here …

Steps To Making And Finding Time – Dispelling the No Time For Mom Myths!

  1. Mom time means no kids, no spouse, only you and a few minutes of silence.
  2. Time to Listen to God – I’m beginning a new podcast – A Few Minutes With God – It has helped me focus on what is truly important. IF you don’t stop and listen how can you hear God? What is he telling you? Start with one minute a day – just one …and slowly add a minute each day until you reach 5-10-15 or whatever your schedule allows. IF you do this one thing (and I will go into more detail in the first series of podcasts on the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network – ) you will be on your way to a happier and more fulfilled person. This is what I was talking about when I said we needed to be filled up – only God can fill up our tank to overflowing with love and joy so that we can share that love with our family.
  3. Stop the internal guilt. Guilt is not from God and if you feel that you should not have any time to yourself, to be pampered (and that looks different for each of us) – then just take hold of that thought and discard it. I felt guilty for years, I felt that if I took any time for myself that it was taking time away from my family, so I began with little steps. And that is what I’m going to share with you:
    1. First I prayed everytime I began to feel guilt – “I am a child of God, God has made me in His image and Likeness and to be a wonderful spouse, mother and caregiver to my children and my husband – God will provide the grace and the strength for me to succeed.” This prayer may look different for you – but take time right now and promise me that you will take a few minutes to seek God in prayer, if you are a Christian and follow this step to becoming guilt free.
  4. Find that one thing that would give you some mom time.
    1. For me it is a long soak in the tub. When my kids were little it was a 5 minute soak after they were in bed – as they grew older it was the luxury of looking at a magazine – often a homeschool magazine, but whatever you feel comfortable with – other times it was a religious study or some other spiritual reading that helped me feel connected to the Lord.
  5. Make the time, schedule it.
    1. We can’t find time if we don’t look for it.
    2. Get rid of those time wasters. What are they – identify them ASAP and use that time for mom time. [FB – dd and getting annoyed – so don’t use that as a mom-time]
  6. Talk to your family – get them on board – you’ll be surprised at their response – get your family on board. When my children were little they would wake up and come into my room and see me with my Bible and prayer journal – they knew to leave me alone for a few minutes to finish up, sometimes they waited outside my door (NO GUILT) until I was done, because even at a young age they understood this time was special time – and guess what? Often they’d go get their Bibles on their own, and read alongside me! Kids copy US our good and our bad traits.
  7. Do it! Come to our FB group and let’s chat





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