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notebooking | Notebooking is a wonderful way to keep track of your homeschoolers work as well as have a wonderful keepsake for the coming years. #notebooking #podcast #homeschool #homeschooling


Notebooking for Homeschooling

Notebooking is a wonderful way to keep track of your homeschoolers work as well as have a wonderful keepsake for the coming years. Notebooking is different than journaling in that one is more about academics and the other is about feelings and thoughts. In this podcast, we explore using notebooking for your coming school year with some insiders and vintage tips!

Audiobooks –homeschooling! Audiobooks can enhance your teaching and I will share some of my top favorite websites in this podcast. Many people want to supplement their curriculum with audio and video, but I want to caution you about making it an all or nothing. In this podcast, I’ll share my favorite audio supplements that I used with my children over the years. These are absolutely the best and you won’t want to miss this episode!

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Notebooking is a way for your child to take ownership of their work. It is not a workbook page that the child fills out and answers with someone else’s idea of the right answer. Notebooking is a personal account of what the child has learned in an easy to see and often pleasing account, often illustrated.

A notebook has two parts. One, it is typically handwritten and often there is a visual component that is illustrated by the child. With technology, a child can use a program such as Microsoft Word, or Mac – Pages to create a custom notebook page that they can fill in digitally.

Why is the value of notebooking?

  1. Keep everything in one place. A notebook can be a single subject account of the information covered.
  2. Easily stored and accessible becomes a valued keepsake
  3. Great for accountability
  4. Kid-friendly
  5. Teaches responsibility and independent learning – the child is responsible for their own information

Ways Notebooking Can Be Used:

  1. As a stand-alone without using a curriculum
  2. Use as a history book – keep track of historical events, timelines, maps
  3. With a literary or reading book, notebooking can take the place of answering the questions at the end of the chapter or it can be used as a way to answer the questions.
  4. With unit studies
  5. With science books
  6. With language arts or writing prompts
  7. As a way to track events
  8. With a nature study
  9. As a research book
  10. For science or a science fair project

Sample notebook page: Notebook page



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