Online Classes and Costs

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Online classes and costs

94: Online Classes and Costs

When you consider online classes and their costs, you need to remember that you usually get what you pay for.

Free online classes will expect parents to grade and may not be as in-depth as paid classes.

Low-cost online classes are usually self-paced with automatic grading (ie assignments are quizzes) or parent grading. These kinds of classes can afford big sales on their products as most of the work is done during course creation.

The more involvement by teachers the more classes are likely to cost. It takes hours to create a module – whether creating one’s one videos, prepping for live sessions, or gathering online resources. Then a teacher will spend more time if there is a live session involved, and even more time if there is grading to be done. In addition, some subjects (eg languages) will require a lot of teacher involvement. The higher grades are also going to cost more than younger grades.

Show sponsor FundaFunda Academy keeps costs down by using teaching assistants to help with grading.

AP classes and specialized classes usually cost more as teachers need more knowledge for them. There are generally also fewer students in each class.

Listen to the episode as you will also get a breakdown of how much time a teacher is likely to spend on a class.

Episode 24- How to Select Online Classes for your Children is a related episode that can help you decide what type of onlince classes will work best for your children.

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