Online communication skills your children need to learn

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Online Communication Skills Your Children Need to Learn #onlinecommunication #homeschoolpodcast

Episode 26: Online communication skills your children need to learn

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1. Start teaching them these skills early

  1. They should choose their email username carefully
  2. They should get in the habit of checking their emails on a daily basis

2. Teach them to always answer emails and texts

  • A simple ‘thanks’ or ‘ok’ will suffice
  • Not replying is rude

3. Teach your children to check spelling / basic grammar

  • Use proper sentences
  • Remember a real person is reading it
  • Don’t use texting lingo with adults

Use Grammarly to help pick up typos, spelling and grammar errors

4. Teach your children to choose their words carefully

  • Online words live on forever
  • Without body language, facial expression, and tone of voice, words might have a different meaning to the recipient
  • It is easy to whip off a reply (vs finding a pen/paper/envelope/stamp) – take time before you hit send if upset.
  • Be careful not to bully with words (or be bullied)
  • If anything that is said online makes them uncomfortable, your children should come to you immediately

5. Be clear if you are asking for something

If asking for things, try to give all info needed. Eg for recommendation letters, provide the due date, what it is for, details of achievements etc. This saves a back and forth of emails.

6. Communication in online classes

  • Students should do it themselves if old enough
  • They should contact teacher/teaching assistants politely

7. It is useful to use online communication to follow up on a live conversation

“Put it in writing” is always a good idea to prevent miscommunication and online communication makes this really easy to do.

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Online Communication Skills Your Children Need to Learn #onlinecommunication #homeschoolpodcast

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