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Online Tools for Photography

Episode 42: Online Tools for Photography with Piers van der Merwe


Piers is not only my husband, but also the photography teacher at FundaFunda Academy. You can see his work at Onstandby Travel and on Smugmug. Here are the online tools for photography he mentions in this episode.

1. Editing Tools

You can find other ideas here.

2. Where to store photos

Popular websites like Flickr and Photobucket aren’t a good idea as many of the photos teens could encounter there will not be appropriate. Better ideas for places to store photos are:

  • Google Photos
  • Apple Photos
  • Dropbox

3. How to share photos

  • Link from the folders in Dropbox or make public on iCloud.
  • Use free websites like Blogger, Weebly, WordPress if you want to share publicly.

4. Online resources for learning more about photography?

5. Favorite photography apps

Listen to the episode to get a code for a discount for FundaFunda’s online Photography class for Fall 2019!

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