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Online Study Tools

Episode 30: Online Tools to Help Teens Study

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This time of year many students are studying for exams. Here are a few online tools to help teens study.


Look on Youtube for video reviews for all AP exams. You will also find reviews for many other subjects.

Flashcard programs

Although all these websites come with many decks of flashcards created by students and teachers, it will be more advantageous for teens to create their own as when they do that, that is how they will learn the best.

  • Memrise allows users to choose a “mem” (a graphic) to help you remember.
  • Studystack asks you “know” or “dont know” after every flash card and has lots of games including hangman, crossword puzzles and unscrambling letters.
  • Quizlet allows you to select how you want to test yourself – matching, T/F, multiple choice or type the answer. They also have an asteroids game called “Gravity”. To use Quizlet for language study, listen to episode 25: “How to use Quizlet to learn foreign language vocabulary with Suzette Laporte-Ayo
  • Gocongr allows a “Thumbs up” and “Thumbs down” to indicate if you have mastered a flash card. It also allows you to create Mindmaps.
  • Tiny cards is created by Duolingo and has similar features. You learn a few flash cards and then you get a question to check if you have learned those. So testing is integrated into the studying.


Sparknotes is not just about literature anymore. They now provide summaries and study guides for many other subjects. These include lists of key people, key terms and formulas. Some topics even have quizzes.

Quiz Games

Quizziz and Kahoot are fun ways to review once students think they have done sufficient studying. Kahoot only has single player mode available on their app. Quizziz can be played alone on a laptop. Both are fun to use for a study session for a few teens.

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