How To Study History On Location

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Hey, homeschoolers! What if you could study history where it happened? My guests for today’s podcast tell us how to make that possible, whether you’re able to travel or not.
Before I introduce my guests, though, I want to thank my sponsor for this episode, the Courageous Legacy movie.
My guests are Dr. W. Kessler Jackson (I’ll be calling him Billy) and Nate Norlander. Billy’s YouTube channel (The Nomadic Professor), which focuses on history via the presentation of on-location “mini-lectures,” has tens of thousands of subscribers. Billy holds a Bachelor’s in Asian Studies, a Master’s in Humanities , and a Master’s and Ph.D. in History. He has since been employed at several colleges and universities, developing curricula and building online programs. Nate Norlander was a double major in philosophy and history teaching. He has taught history and English in Beijing and also spent time touring in India and trekking in Nepal. After the pandemic started, he began working on The Nomadic Professor courses. There are some audio issues at the beginning of the interview, but the information and inspiration about how to study history and how to travel as homeschoolers are well worth the listen.

History on Location Resources

The Nomadic Professor website The Nomadic Professor on YouTube The Nomadic Professor on Instagram The Nomadic Professor on Facebook Have a happy homeschool week!

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