Overcoming Options Overwhelm

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    • Homeschooling options have exploded over the years, leading to overwhelm.
    • Three steps to escape overwhelm and make confident choices.


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Step 1: Adopt a New Mindset:

    • You won’t feel guilty for not reading every book in a library – apply the same to homeschooling.

Step 2: Establish a Good Routine:

    • Incorporate loop scheduling to rotate through options on specific days or times.
    • Open time blocks for spontaneous options, especially for unschooling approaches.
    • Routine helps strike a balance between must-dos and desired options.

Step 3: Take a Break from Constantly Evaluating Options:

    • After making choices, step away from evaluating more options.
    • Turn off curriculum emails, social media accounts for a while.
    • The pursuit of slight improvements isn’t worth the stress and distraction.


    • Mindset shift, routine establishment, and controlled engagement with options help overcome overwhelm.
    • Prioritize making memories, connection, and meeting core requirements.
    • Don’t let option overwhelm steal your joy and confidence in homeschooling.

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