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organize your home and homeschoolAbout….Organize Your Home Before School Begins Episode 93

Grab your lunch and listen to Meredith and Felice as they discuss getting your home and homeschool year organized before school begins. What you do by way of preparing will go a long way in helping you when the school year begins. Do you know where everything is? If not, now is the time to get it together – join us for helpful hints and tips from two veteran homeschool moms!

A shout out from Kendra and Andy Fletcher – listen at approx. 9.5 minutes into the broadcast! – Organizing Your Homeschool by Homeschooling IRL HERE

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Show Notes – Organize Your Home and Homeschool Year 

Show Notes: MeredithPowerLine Productions 

1. Prayerfully Evaluate the old year

2. Put away old papers, clean out school drawers and shelves. Gather books, create a new shelf for the school year, fill drawers.

3. Prayerfully make goals for the new school year.

4. Make a syllabus, lesson plans and schedule for the entire year.

5. Celebrate the upcoming year.

Felice –

1. Prayerfully evaluate your homemaking last year – how did you do?

2. Plan to Organize and then implement. Organize – one room at a time for a specified period

3. Make household goals for the new school year

4. Create a schedule

5. Get ready – prepare ahead of time.


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