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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #192, Organize Your Homeschool, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Organize Your Homeschool

In “Organize Your Home School,” Episode, #192, Meredith Curtis tackles organization. Don’t panic! It is possible to organize the year ahead, schedule, and the stuff you use to teach with – books, papers, assignments. Meredith even walks through setting up the homeschool room for easy storage and clean up each day after school. And how do you eat an elephant-or get organized? One step at a time. So let’s do this!

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Show Notes

No one ever warned me that homeschooling creates piles of papers, stacks of books, and a myriad of simple choices – like how many pages to read this week or where should I store my stuff or “Mom, what should I do today?”

So, let’s tackle organization step by step.

Organize the Homeschool Room

Start first or if not enough time, work on slowly thru year and move on to lesson planning & scheduling.

Storage, book shelves, school year book shelf, place for children to store all their stuff together

Stuff Use most, easiest to access and put away

Places for piles- shelf, children’s tote

How to Organize the Homeschool Room Blog at







6 Smart Storage Solutions to Eliminate Homeschool Clutter







Lesson Planning

Subjects, classes, books, projects

Mapping the Year/ Leave Catch Up Weeks

Handy-Dandy Folder Method

Lesson Planning for the Entire Year in One Week Blog at








Family Calendar, Mom Schedule, Kid’s Schedules

Flexible Block Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling Can Work For You Blog at






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