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The new school year is a time of excitement. Let's start this year with an organized homeschool! Special insider tips on organization.Organized Home School-Special Replay

The new school year is a time of excitement. Let’s start this year with an organized homeschool! In this episode, Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz share their years of homeschool wisdom with you!

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Here are some points that will help you get an organized homeschool this year!

  1. File away books and materials where they go
  2. Pray – what went well, what went poorly and what worked.
  3. Three-Ring Binder – Master Homeschool Book (or File)
    • Homeschool records through the years
    • Copy of final grades (high school)
    • Testing Results (high school)
    • Important Information
  4. Beginning – look at
    • what we’d like to study
    • totes of books in what we are going to need
    • pencils, pens, art supplies
    • shelf — reading books in order
  5. Where do you “do” school
    • Tote books to where you do school
    • If you do school in a homeschool room use a desk or shelf to put supplies
  6. Talk to the kids about what you will learn
    • Explain what you will learn this year
    • Ask your children what they’d like to learn
    • Make changes if they want to add something
    • Post final class topics
  7. Make a schedule
    • Use it for two weeks and revamp if needed
    • Make it work for you
    • Don’t be a slave to your schedule
    • Give kids a checklist
    • Put up the master list
    • Leave Friday as a free day
    • Look at your book and divide the lessons by the number of days your school
    • Schedule in an empty week in spring or fall
  8. Organizing shelves
    • In subject topics
    • According to level and chronology
    • Keep shelves organized each week

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