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Finish Well Radio, Podcast #072, Our British Heritage with Meredith CurtisIn “Our British Heritage,” episode #072, Meredith Curtis takes you back in time to lay a pre-American history foundation. Our heritage of liberty and protected God-given rights didn’t originate in the 13 colonies. Explore our British heritage and learn some life lessons along the way.






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Show Notes

The British Isle Before & After the Battle of Hastings

Anglo-Saxon Until William Or Normandy Invades

Tribal with One Leader for War

Witan, Council of Nobility & Pastors

Localized Decision Making

Changes with William of Normandy

Serfs/Lord of the Manor


Magna Charta

Robin Hood

Good King Richard the LionHeart

King John

Trial By Jury/ No Taxation without Representation/ Habeus Corpus/Own Private Property


British Common Law

Passed Down Generation to Generation

Based on Word of God

These Laws Protect Private Property, Marriage, People from Physical Harm, Face Accusers When Charged with a Crime.

No Murder, no stealing, no Breach of Contact

Henry II Established a Court System (1100s)


Fall of Constantinople

Two Roman Empires (West/Roman & East/Byzantine)

Turks Conquered Constantinople 1453

Monks, Scholars, Priests Fled to Florence

Birth of the Renaissance

Printing Press


100 Years War

Fought from  1337 to 1453

English War with France over Throne (Joan of Arc)

Before 100 Years War, England & France Intertwined

After 100 Years War, Disconnected


War of the Roses

Two Years Later

Fought in 1400 /1455 to 1485

Renaissance 1300 to 1600

Bloody Civil War Over The Throne

Lancaster Rose Red, York Rose White


Tudors Won

Combined Roses

Henry VIII

Edward VI, British Josiah

Lady Jane Grey

Mary I (Bloody Mary)

Elizabeth I


The Reformation

Corruption of Roman Catholic Church

October 31, 1517, Martin Luther Posted 95 Thesis on Whittenburg Door

Reformation swept through Northern Europe

New Protestant Denominations/ Puritan Work Ethic/

French Huguenots, Dutch Protestants Escaping Inquisition, English Separatists, German Moravians



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