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How to Handle Homeschool Overwhelm Podcast

If you’re overwhelmed in your homeschooling or know you will be at some point, you’ll appreciate the help that can be found in this episode!

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If you can’t believe that I’ve ever been completely disorganized and overwhelmed, you’ll want to read my book, So You’re Not Wonder Woman. People who know me today often tell me they can’t believe my story, but it makes them feel better.

Teaching Tip of the Week

The Back to School Survival Manual by Alicia Michelle

The Organized Homeschool Challenge

The Grocery Shopping Challenge

Use it with The Once-and-for-All Meal Plan


Why I Wasted My Education to Homeschool

Periscope Viewers’ Tips

Jenni at Conversaving.com

Brandy at OurThriftyHome.com

Holly at HistoryMagpie.org

Action Steps

  1. Stop expecting
  2. Cut things out
  3. Focus on your identity in Christ

Next Week

How to handle homeschool haters

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