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packing tips | Packing Tips with Felice Gerwitz and her special guest, Kim Kautzer Do you need some great packing tips? #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #packingtipsPacking Tips

with Felice Gerwitz and her special guest, Kim Kautzer

Do you need some great packing tips? In this episode, veteran homeschool mom and world traveler, Kim Kautzer shares her packing tips! When we both showed up for a week-long mastermind retreat, me with my larger bags, extra carry on, purse, computer bag, etc. etc and saw Kim’s one backpack and overhead compartment roll-on suitcase, I just knew we needed this podcast! And, Kim shared her best secret, it’s okay to wear the same thing twice. Gasp! Kim travels in all seasons and for many reasons, personal or business.

Kim lives in California yet travels all over the US and into Europe as well. She travels alone, with her husband or with her grandkids. She has learned to pack this way whether driving or flying. She even attended her son’s wedding in England, a two-week vacation tied in, adding one carry on dress bag! She encourages us to travel light and in this session, she details her steps.

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Show Notes: Smart Packing Tips —

Handout of close up photos of packing by Kim Kautzer. All Rights Reserved. PackingTips-WriteShop.comSponsor

Rolling Bag:

  • Use rolling bags that fit in the overhead bin
  • Everyone has their own bag
  • A personal piece should be a backpack – you can fit a small purse
  • Be sure not to overload the expander or it won’t fit in overhead compartments

What to Pack:

  • Clothes, it’s okay to wear clothes more than one time.
  • Mix and match as many pieces as you can.
  • Don’t bring one use pieces.
  • Tops that can go both ways, layers or stand alone
  • Layers work in winter and summer
  • Double duty — dress up or dress down
  • Enough underwear and tops for one week
  • 3 bottoms: capri – cropped pants, jeans skirt or 2 different jeans and dress pants
  • Wear bulky clothing on the plane
    • Wear boots or tennis shoes on the plane
    • Jacket
    • Scarf and a pashmina, which is larger scarf can be used as a wrap comes in solid colors, roll up as a pillow, use as a shawl or wrap.
    • Socks in the backpack
  • Pack a vest which can be worn over a long sleeve shirt for a totally different look.
  • Sleeveless shirts, tank tops or short sleeves wear long sleeves over top to layer
  • One or two long sleeve shirts — use alone or to layer
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Roll clothes to fit the cubes
  • Layout bags — cubes, modular and arrange however it best fits

Cube System:

Cubes are separate, contained and you can keep them organized and separate and a wonderful time saver. For children instead of packing cubes, you may want to use various sized clear baggie.

  • Use cube system to pack clothes, fits better
  • Different sizes, buy online or in discount stores
  • Largest length fits entire length of the suitcase, shoes go on either side
    • Roll slacks and jeans into 3/4 — put them in like envelopes
    • Pack hoody with jeans
    • 1 pair of Pj’s maybe two tops
  • Medium width – 1/2 size of the large
    • All the tops
    • Fold in thirds and then roll up
    • 7 to 8 tops
  • 1 small cubes
    • lingerie, scarves
    • socks
    • 2 pairs of earrings, one post and 1 dangly
    • 1-2 necklaces
    • Dressier items
  • Second small cubes
    • travel iron (Kim recommends BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium travel dryer –not a sponsor, we get nothing for the plug!)
    • travel straightening iron (Kim recommends BaBylissPro Nano Titanium mini straightening iron)
  • Quart Size: 3 oz. maximum
    • Liquid or jells
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Liquid makeup or foundation
  • Small makeup bag:
    • no liquid — powder
    • put in suitcase



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