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Navigating Electives: A Guide for Homeschooling High School Students

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Selecting the right electives can transform the high school experience for homeschoolers.Choosing electives can be both an exciting and daunting task for homeschooling high school students and their parents. Electives are not just filler courses; they are essential in shaping a well-rounded education, exploring interests, and preparing for future careers or college. In this post, we’ll explore how to make informed decisions when selecting electives.

Understanding the Role of Electives:

Electives play a crucial role in the high school curriculum. They provide students the chance to delve into subjects outside the core academic courses, helping them discover new passions, develop practical skills, and gain a broader perspective on the world. Whether it’s art, technology, or a foreign language, electives can significantly enhance a student’s educational experience.

1. Assessing Interests and Goals to Choose Electives:

The first step in choosing electives is to consider your child’s interests and long-term goals. Does your student show an inclination towards creative arts, sciences, or languages? Understanding these preferences is key. For instance, a student interested in a business career might benefit from courses like Entrepreneurship or Accounting 101, while a future scientist might prefer Genetics or a New Testament Survey for those inclined towards theology or religious studies.

2. Exploring Career Paths:

Electives can be a gateway to potential careers. Courses like Career Exploration or The Copywriting Experience offer practical insights into specific professions, helping students make informed decisions about their future. Encourage your student to try courses that align with their potential career interests.

3. Developing Essential Life Skills:

Some electives focus on life skills that are valuable regardless of career choice. Courses such as Economics or Political Literature & Comp not only provide academic knowledge but also teach critical thinking, financial literacy, and a better understanding of the world.

4. Balancing Academics and Personal Growth:

While aligning electives with academic and career goals is important, personal growth should not be overlooked. Encourage your student to choose at least one elective purely for personal interest or enjoyment, like Art 2 or Foreign Language Exploration. This balance ensures a well-rounded education and keeps learning enjoyable.

5. Utilizing Resources:

Take advantage of resources like True North Homeschool Academy, which offers a diverse range of electives tailored for homeschooling students. From Expedition Africa for younger students to Essay Extravaganza for aspiring writers, these courses are designed to meet various interests and academic needs.

Selecting the right electives can transform the high school experience for homeschoolers. It’s about striking a balance between academic rigor, personal interests, and future aspirations. By carefully considering their interests, career goals, and personal growth, homeschooling students can choose electives that enrich their education and prepare them for the future.

Remember, the journey through high school is as much about discovery as it is about education. Choose electives that inspire, challenge, and excite your student, and watch them thrive in their unique educational path.

Here’s a glimpse of our Spring lineup at True North Homeschool Academy:

  1. Entrepreneurship: Unleash your business potential. Learn more
  2. Genetics: Dive into the fascinating world of DNA and inheritance. Explore here
  3. Essay Extravaganza: Hone your writing skills for academic excellence. Discover more
  4. Foreign Language Exploration: Embark on a linguistic adventure. Start exploring
  5. Expedition Africa (Elementary): Journey through the wonders of Africa. Join the expedition
  6. Accounting 101: Master the fundamentals of accounting. Enroll now
  7. Career Exploration: Discover your future career path. Begin exploring
  8. Art 2: Advance your artistic journey. Sign up here
  9. Economics: Understand the dynamics of economies. Dive deeper
  10. The Copywriting Experience: Craft compelling content. Learn more
  11. New Testament Survey (Junior High): Explore the New Testament’s richness. Explore here
  12. Political Literature & Comp: Analyze the interplay of politics and literature. Discover more

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Mrs. Nehring the voice behind the Life Skills 101 Podcast on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and is the Director of True North Homeschool Academy.

She is loved by parents for her ability to provide them with a strategic plan for their homeschool through coaching and advising.

Her vision for the implementation of the SAMR Method of education to the homeschool world has resulted in a one-of-a-kind education experience at TNHA.

She also operates It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool and Blue Collar Homeschooling.

A Letter From a Veteran Homeschool Mom to the Newbies

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A Letter from a Veteran Christian Homeschool Mom to the Newbie Homeschool MomIn honor of the 500th Episode of the Vintage Homeschool Moms show, and the 10th Birthday Celebration of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network, I thought it would be fun to write a letter from one Christian homeschooling mom who has been in the homeschooling world long enough she’s helping homeschool her grandchildren, to a brand new Christian homeschooling mom. I’ve hyperlinked words and phrases to guide you through her work. 

With all the years of dedication Felice Gerwitz has given to the world of homeschooling, through her writing, books and publishing, and podcasting, this is also a compilation of her wisdom. 

Thank you, Felice, for following God’s calling to start the Network. 

Okay, play along? 

— Gina

Dear New Homeschool Mom,

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family as you embark on your homeschooling journey. It brings me great joy to welcome you to the wonderful world of Christian homeschooling. I’ve walked this path for several years, and I want to offer you some guidance and encouragement from a Christian perspective as you begin this incredible adventure.

Homeschooling is not just about academics; it’s an opportunity to cultivate a Christ-centered education, nurturing not only the minds but also the hearts of our children.

Here are some Christian insights from a veteran homeschool mom  and tips to help you along the way:

1. Prayer and Devotion: Begin your homeschool days with prayer and devotional time. Invite God’s presence into your home and your educational journey. Seek His guidance and wisdom, for He is the ultimate teacher.

2. Bible-Centered Learning: Integrate the Word of God into your curriculum. Study the Bible together, memorize scripture, and explore Christian values in your subjects. Let your child see how faith is interwoven with knowledge.

3. Character Building: Use homeschooling as an opportunity to instill Christian values and character traits in your child. Teach them about love, kindness, forgiveness, and the importance of serving others.

4. Nature and Creation: Encourage an appreciation for God’s creation. Take your lessons outdoors to explore the beauty and wonder of the natural world, reminding your child of the Creator’s hand in all of it.

5. Christian Resources: Utilize Christian curriculum, books, and educational resources. Many Christian publishers offer materials that align with your faith and values.

6. Service and Outreach: Engage in community service and outreach activities with your child. Show them the importance of living out their faith by helping those in need.

7. Church and Fellowship: Active participation in your church and Christian fellowship groups can provide spiritual support and opportunities for your child to develop relationships with peers who share their faith.

8. Teachable Moments: Recognize that life itself is a classroom. Use everyday experiences as teachable moments to impart spiritual truths and life skills.

9. Encourage Questions: Encourage your child to ask questions about their faith and engage in open, honest discussions about Christianity. This will help them build a strong foundation.

10. Trust in God’s Plan: Homeschooling may have its challenges, but always remember that God has a unique plan for each child. Trust in His guidance and lean on Him during difficult times.

11. Fellowship with Other Christian Homeschool Families: Connect with other Christian homeschool families. This can provide support, encouragement, and shared faith-based resources.

You are not alone in this journey; the Lord is your ever-present companion.

As you strive to provide your child with a Christ-centered education, know that you are planting seeds of faith that will grow and bear fruit over the years.

If you ever need someone to pray with, seek advice, or simply share the joys and challenges of homeschooling from a Christian perspective, please don’t hesitate to reach out. As a Vintage Homeschool Mom (veteran) Christian homeschool mom, I’m here to support you in your walk of faith and education.

May your homeschooling journey be filled with blessings, grace, and an ever-deepening relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In Christian love,

Felice Gerwitz

Resources from Felice at Media Angels


Number One Homeschool Podcast Network

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Number One Homeschool Podcast Network

10th Birthday Celebration & a Giveaway

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There are many homeschool podcasts floating around in cyberspace, but this is the home of the number one homeschool podcast network! What makes us number one? There are so many things, but the first is the heart of the people who podcast on this homeschool network. They love homeschoolers, and are the best mentors I know! They give and give of their time to help moms, dads, grandparents, and others who teach their kids at home. It takes hours to get a show recorded and uploaded, and it is truly a labor of love.

Ten years ago, after much prayer, the Lord gave me this idea for a podcast network.

I approached the following people among others, Hal and Melanie Young (Making Biblical Family Life Practical), Meredith Curtis (Finish Well), Carol Topp (Homeschool CPA), Israel and Brook Wayne (Family Renewal), and Melanie Wilson (Homeschool Sanity) who are still with me today! Then others joined, like Jean Burk (College Prep Genius), Gina Steffy (Mommy Jammies Night & VA 411), Suzzane Nunn (FPEA), Kathy Lee (Momfessions), Sue Meyer (Homeopathy For Mommies), and so many more! We have some new shows like Life Skills 101,  Homeschooling with Technology, and Military Homeschool Podcast.

There are so many people that want to podcast on our network and truthfully, it takes much of my time to vet “would be” Ultimate Homeschool Podcasters — but guess what? For every five people, I talk to, one gets accepted! Yes, one out of five. Why? Because from our conversations, their heart is the number of downloads they might get rather than the heart of homeschool families.

The podcasters with me today are the ones who want to share their knowledge, and their hearts AND have a product or service that will bless homeschoolers!

For example, College Prep Genius — my own kids increased their SAT scores and received college scholarships, or are mentors like Hal and Melanie and Israel and Brook Wayne. I can go on and on!

We have a weekly email with an amazing FREEBIE link! It goes out to all of our show scheduled, and with a click of a button, you can quickly find and listen to the show. We have improved and grown during the years to make us the number one podcast network with not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of downloads. We’ve had amazing sponsors, but again like some who want to podcast with us, I’ve turned down so many — because we only want family-friendly sponsors.

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Media Angels, Inc. | Media Angels, Inc. is a publishing company and home of quality non-fiction and fiction books for the Christian market.

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Homemaker’s Friend Planner | Calm the chaos with this practical Planner! Designed for the active homemaker, this planner will help you organize your schedule and de-clutter your mind.

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Below, here is a thumbnail sketch of our Number One Homeschool Podcast Network current shows!

Please visit them, tell them thank you and if you want to interact with these great people join our private pages.

Vintage Homeschool Moms – with by Felice Gerwitz

This show is the longest-running podcast on this network. This show deals with academics, family, kids, holidays, recipes, money-saving ideas, movie and book lists and so much more. As a long-time homeschool mom, (since 1986) with five children all homeschooled this show draws from my own personal knowledge. There are detailed transcripts on newer shows. Sometimes I host guests who I think will bring you value and that you will enjoy. Tune in weekly.

Creation Science Podcast with Felice Gerwitz

This show began with the idea of sharing some of my Creation Science Expo that was hosted years ago, and resides in full on my Media Angels Membership website. However, it has morphed into interviews with people and other hosts! Enjoy this show that airs two times per month.

Making Biblical Family Life Practical – with Hal and Melanie Young
Hal and Melanie are a delightful couple who love the Lord and it shows! They are parents to a multitude of boys and wrote an award-winning book on raising boys, marriage, and teens! Check out their show you will be so blessed. Enjoy this show weekly.

College Prep Genius – with Jean Burk

Want your kids to ace the SAT, ACT and learn test-taking skills? Join Jean (I host with her) and she is soooo amazing! I learned things like the PSAT is not a “practice test” it is so important for scholarships! I tell everyone with high school kids about Jean’s program, it really works and if you tune in she shares this information for free! Transcripts are also on the show – listen twice per month.

Life Skills 101 – Blue Collar Homeschoolers with Lisa Nehring and on occasion Dr. David Nehring

At Life Skills 101 | Blue Collar Homeschoolers, we understand that not every path to success requires a traditional college education. We’re here to provide you with alternative approaches to education, focused on trades, skills, and courses that empower the career-minded homeschooler. Our partnership with the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network allows us to bring you the best and most comprehensive content in the field of homeschooling and career preparation.

Homeschooling CPA Podcast – with Carol Topp

Carol knows so much and shares her knowledge with you! She studied for her CPA license when she was a homeschool mom! She was a perfect example for her children. Carol is an expert on helping homeschool co-ops and schools to stay legal as well as consult with those who need it. She podcasts two times per month.

Finish Well Radio – with Meredith Curtis

Meredith and her team love the Lord (Meredith is married to Pastor Mike – who has a church in Orlando, FL) and they encourage parents of high school students to finish the race well! She deals with high school subjects and sensitive issues that are of interest to high school students and pastors. Often she hosts with other team members or she has special guests on the show. If you have a teenager, this is a show I highly recommend! Airs two times per month.

FPEA Connects  – with Suzanne Nunn

Suzanne Nunn is currently the chairman of the Florida Parent Educators Association with the largest (or one of the largest!) homeschool conferences in all 50 states! Here you will learn about things that are Florida-specific as well as homeschool-specific. Details for upcoming conferences is also shared. Airs two times per month.

The Homeschool High School Podcast with Vicki Tillman, Sabrina Justison & Kym Smythe

The team from (you have to visit their podcast page) is one that is all about including you in their fold and helping, mentoring, and making your high school homeschool journey successful. These ladies know their stuff, Vicki is even a consultant for homeschool families needing extra help with transcripts and the like. They want you to know that homeschooling high school years are the best years. You can do it! This show airs weekly.

Family Renewal – with Israel and Brook Wayne

Godly content from Israel and Brook deals with many things that focus on raising families as well as large family topics. They also delve into topics related to homeschooling such as literature and history our kids must know!

Military Homeschool Podcast – Your host, Crystal Niehoff, is an active-duty Army chaplain’s wife, mother of five, and grandmother to five.

Homeschooling among military families is on the rise due to the many advantages and amazing learning opportunities! Still, it also presents some unique challenges. The Military Homeschool Podcast aims to equip and encourage parents by covering topics relevant to military homeschooling families and featuring guest interviews with experienced military homeschoolers and experts in the educational field.

History for Christian Teens – Your host, Crystal Niehoff, is an active-duty Army chaplain’s wife, mother of five, and grandmother to five.

History is so much more than boring facts about obscure topics and time periods! Learning about the past can be fun! Not to mention the treasure trove of wisdom that is ours for the taking when we study history using the thoroughly accurate and wholly reliable source for knowledge- the Bible- as our guide to understanding the deeper whys and reasons behind it all. History for Christian Teens is for middle and high school-age students- but Moms and Dads are invited to listen in, too! Each week, we will cover a historical person, place, or event, examining it through the lens of the Bible to draw relevant life and character lessons to then apply to our own lives as Christ-followers.

Homeopathy For Mommies with Sue Myers, ND, CCH

Sue came to my attention years ago when she helped me and a close friend to get healthy using natural remedies. Talk about knowledgeable! It is a must-listen-to show if you want to become educated in natural health. Learn how to get healthy and ditch the meds that can make you sick. Of course, check with your health provider before following any advice! Listen two times per month.

Homeschooling with Technology with Meryl van der Merwe

Meryl is a walking-talking techie who knows how to code and has taught students successfully. Her show is full of great information that will help you supercharge your home with technological knowledge. Learn about the apps, and computer programs, and improve your productivity! How exciting! This show is on weekly.

Mommy Jammies Night with Gina Glenn & Felice Gerwitz (archived)

This is just for you moms! Gina Glenn brings you special women who love to mentor moms and bring love, peace, and joy so that you can have an advocate in your corner. Many times home school moms feel isolated and alone or misunderstood. These shows help to bring you encouragement that you’ve Got This Mom! Archives available once-a-month.

The Homeschool Sanity Show with Dr. Melanie Wilson

Long-time homeschooler and podcast, Melanie, is an expert at encouragement, organization, and every hot topic that revolves around homeschool topics! She brings sanity back into your homeschool, and helps moms to understand Christian psychologist and veteran homeschooling mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson solves homeschoolers’ biggest headaches every Tuesday.

Life of a Lifeschooler with Danielle Papageorgiou

If you have lost your love of homeschooling, tune into Danielle’s show and learn how to bring it back! She shares with special guests how to allow the children to pursue the things they love their learning will soar! She shares the true meaning of lifeschooling and how you can bring joy back into your home!

Momfessions with Kathy Lee Eggers

Can I say, wow? Kathy is an amazing, loving mom who is full of energy and loves homeschool moms! She is always encouraging listeners and often has some of her listeners on her show. These shows are real, raw, and understand the heartbeat of the homeschool moms!

Virtual Assistant 411 with Gina Steffy & Jenn Hamrick

Learn the 411 on starting, growing, and running a virtual assistant business while homeschooling, homemaking, and living your IRL mom life.

Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show with multiple shows and hosts

This is a series of replays from the popular Ultimate Homeschool Expo with hundreds of listeners at one point only available for pay — now, totally free. This is a channel that will bring you a multitude of popular homeschool speakers, many keynotes, and wonderful information to help you on your homeschool journey!

So, what makes us number one? You do! As our faithful listeners, you’ve laughed with us, you’ve cried with us, celebrated and enjoyed our shows, and I want to thank you! I also want to thank our sponsors who have kept us on the air.

Please share the topics you’d like to hear as well! 

~ By Felice Gerwitz, lover of the Lord, wife, mother, grandmother, and owner and creator of Media Angels(R), Inc., the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network, the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network, author of seventeen books, creator of multiple online classes, and the first-ever Ultimate Christian Communicators Conference.

Why Do YOU Homeschool?

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Why do you homeschoolWhy Do YOU Homeschool?

Why do we Homeschool? Homeschooling, for me, has always been a way of life. I was homeschooled from K through 12th grade and loved the experience. I decided to pursue higher education and graduated in three years with honors. It wasn’t just the opportunities I had but the loving surroundings in which I was able to grow and flourish with love, stability, and Christian spirituality. I attribute my homeschool experience as an excellent springboard for my life and events that took me well into adulthood with fond memories.

My brother and I were not concerned about how other students would treat us as we learned. My brother was “disabled” in the sense of the word, but I didn’t think it was odd that I, two years his junior was on the same grade level. We were free to learn at our own pace, gleaning information on topics that interested us (it seemed) at every turn during school hours or not. I later learned that my mother planned our year ahead of time and often switched topics as our interests became fine-tuned to a particular subject. It appeared to us as if the world was our school, and on many days we were excited to begin.

We were free to learn at our own pace, and often, testing was a form of a game where mom asked us questions and we bunny-hopped, jumped, or skipped to the end, signifying completion. When testing became more formalized, it still was a contest where we tried to beat last time’s score or asked for unique “extra credit” answers that would bring us over the 100 mark. Mom was always sure to comply. My mom didn’t like testing us, but I enjoyed the tests.

Homeschooling my own children was an easy choice, especially since I have the loving support of my husband, who was not homeschooled but had cousins who were through high school. We both want to offer our children an excellent education both academically as well as with the foundation of Christianity. Homeschooling, we both agree, will accomplish that desire for our family. I am excited knowing my children will experience the same things that I had growing up: the freedom to talk and discuss profound religious truths, question when those teenage years come up, and know that my parents never discounted our questions as childish or rude, but listened and directed with love and concern. I also love having a flexible schedule, except for offering my young children a little more structure than my mom gave us. Mom is almost perfect in the proverbial “Mary Poppins” sense, is an icon of the homeschool movement, and is well-loved…But I can’t do everything just like her! In fact, I learned that from her. She told me to think for myself, stand my ground, and always cheer me on when confronted with tough decisions and whatever life crisis crops up.

I have only just begun my journey with my young children; the oldest turned five in January. With almost a year of schooling completed, I have come to realize what a tremendous undertaking homeschooling can be for the entire family. We have had the most incredible year in terms of growth, enjoyment of each other’s company, and of course, the element my mom used, “fun.” We have learned much and had a few ups and downs along the way. Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. It takes commitment and dedication. It takes a totally unselfish love for your children that supersedes what the world says is “normal” in regard to traditional schooling.

I remember a story recounted by my mom. She had us in a high-end preschool where academics were stressed, thinking that was important for my speech-delayed brother. I went along for the ride, so to speak, and made friends quickly, as did my mother. When it came time for school, Mom decided to homeschool my brother, and of course, I followed suit. She received a call from a friend one morning (I was too young to remember), who felt “sorry” for my mother. You see, she had rushed through the morning, gotten her child on the school bus, and was sitting down in a wrecked kitchen with a cup of coffee before she tackled the day. She told my mom she was sorry for not getting a “break.” My mom recounts, “I told her that I was sitting in bed, with my second cup of coffee, still in pj’s with two kids flanked on either side, pillows fluffed, and reading. We had completed our religion books, Bible, and history. Breakfast was long done and washed and put away, and we would soon dress and do a few more chores before we headed upstairs to our school room to tackle some math, writing, and other activities.” This friend didn’t call again, feeling sorry for my mom. In fact, we felt sorry for ourselves if we did not complete school by noon, so we had the day to explore our world!

For the success of a lifetime homeschooler, I believe it is a decision, not something to revisit every year. It is similar to reviewing your marriage and deciding yearly if it works out for you! Marriage is a commitment, and for my family, so is homeschooling. We will give it our all. We don’t micro-analyze it looking for an out, looking at what they are “missing” in the school bazaar, fund-raisers, track and field events, or the like.

We feel it is ordained by the Word of God, and we know, by His grace, we will continue with the tradition of raising a mighty people who love and will serve Him in thought, word, and deed! If you are considering homeschooling, I ask you to prayerfully consider what the Lord wants for you, for your life, and for your family. Do not look left or right; look straight ahead. If the Lord ordains it, He will give you the blessings and grace to continue. Don’t take my word for it; take His.

Christina Gerwitz Moss is a Christian, wife, and homeschool mom of four precious blessings, and she is the daughter of Jeff and Felice Gerwitz (Media Angels). While still a homeschooler, Christina desired to be an author. She urged her mom to write a series of novels. However, her mom turned the tables and urged Christina to try her hand. The results were a mother-daughter team, and the highly successful novels are loved by many and sold on many online venues such as Christian Book Distributors. The Truth Seekers Mystery Series was born, three action-adventure, mystery, and suspense novels. Christina completed the last one as a college freshman.

Nurturing Your Children | A Guide to Homeschooling Success | Free Planner!

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Hey there, students and parents! September is here, and it’s that time of year when we get back to school, whether it’s in a classroom or at home. This month, let’s set some goals and aim for greatness in our homeschooling journey. Imagine unlocking your full potential and making learning a fun adventure with your children!

Tailoring Education to Your Child

One of the amazing things about homeschooling is that you can customize your learning experience. You get to choose the curriculum and schedule that works best for you and your child. This allows your child to focus on absorbing and understanding information at their own pace.

Recognizing Strengths and Working on Weaknesses in Your Children, Self,  and Homeschool

We all have things we’re great at and areas where we could improve. Homeschooling allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses and work on both. By doing this, we can grow in every aspect of our lives, not just academically.

Developing a Love for Learning in Your Children

As homeschooling parents, we want our children to love learning. And that’s not limited to textbooks! We’re also interested in nurturing their character and values. Learning is not just about facts; it’s about becoming better individuals.

Setting Goals and Planning Activities

In this guide, you’ll find help in creating goals for the month. Plan out activities, reading time, game nights, household chores, and even charitable work with your church and community. Having a plan in place helps keep things organized.

Hands-On Learning

Learning isn’t just about reading and writing; it’s also about doing. Try immersive learning experiences, unit studies, and topical studies that cover various subjects. Let your child study topics they’re passionate about; it’ll make them unique and self-reliant adults.

Encouraging Independence in Your Children

As your child grows older, give them more say in their studies. You can help them succeed by providing support and guidance. Overcoming challenges takes time and effort, but it’s worth it in the end.

Planning for the Months Ahead

Take a moment to look at upcoming holidays and events. While plans may change, having an overview helps in scheduling. The coming months can be hectic, so let’s get organized early.

Time to Be Kids

Remember, it’s crucial to give your children downtime. They don’t need to be overscheduled. This planner helps you find that balance.

 Enjoy the Journey

Homeschooling is not just about academics. It’s about exploring the world, seeking answers, and challenging ideas through experiments and discovery. Make learning an exciting adventure!

So, as we kickstart this school year, let’s aim for greatness. Use the tools in this planner to stay organized and focused on your goals. And most importantly, enjoy your time with your family and the wonderful journey of learning. Have a fantastic September!

Christina Moss

Get Your September Organize It! Planner and Kickstart the School Year With Your Children


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Neuroplasticity – Rewiring The Brain

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

neuroplasticity rewiring the brain

Neuroplasticity – Rewiring The Brain with Dr. Jan Bedell

Podcast #19

Neuroplasticity and rewiring the brain? Hmm? Do we really have to use such an unfamiliar word?  Yes, to describe the amazing gift that God has given us we can start with a big word and break it down.  It really is quite simple – “neuro” is having to do with the brain and “plasticity” is the ability to change.  Our brains are changing all the time. This is really good news when you have a struggling learner or a child with a label like dyslexia, ADD, ADHD or autism.  The key is knowing how to fuel the brain with the right kind of stimulation so it builds new pathways.  From these new pathways, the brain can receive, organize, process and store information well enough to bring it out and use it in everyday life.  With the right kind of stimulation, your brain can take little developmental steps to achieve giant strides in academics and overall function.  That is what happens when you use the products and services of Little Giant Steps.

In this episode, you will hear the experience of a teacher that had taught first grade for 17 years before using The NeuroDevelopmental Approach in her classroom in year 18.

It made a huge difference for her students and can make a difference for you and your family as well.  Applying just a little information can make all the difference in your child’s future.  We shouldn’t leave out the adults either!  It is never too late to change the brain.  Two ladies in their 50’s, one a reading tutor and the other a Montessori teacher who had always struggled with reading comprehension, raised their reading comprehension score by 3 ½ years in only four months’ time.   And guess what? They didn’t do any specific reading program.  All it took was organization and specific stimulation to the brain and their abilities radically changed.



Visit our sponsor Little Giant Steps for information about

  • Free auditory processing kit – here
  • Help for math facts – here
  • Brain boosting products – here



Keep Calm and Homeschool On, Interview with Carla Fuller

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Keep Calm and Homeschool On, Interview with Carla Fuller.

Keep Calm and Homeschool On, Interview with Carla Fuller

Carla Fuller: Keep Calm and Homeschool On

Do you always have calm days? I doubt it. That’s why we’re diving into the important topic to keep calm and homeschool on!

Because let’s face it, sometimes we all need a little injection. Vicki is excited to day to chat with our friend, Carla Fuller, about the topic of calm homeschooling!

Besides holding double Masters degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy as well as Child and Family Studies, Carla is a high school educational consultant for HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association). Carla’s calm and wise demeanor is truly infectious, and she shares her homeschool journey, tips for reducing anxiety, and advice for homeschooling high school with grace.

About Carla Fuller

Carla Fuller’s homeschool journey began in a serendipitous way. As a marriage and family therapist, she worked on a radio show called Teen Talk, a show that was all about providing a platform for teenagers to call in and talk about their struggles. It was a way to prevent risky behaviors and promote mental health. On the show one day, Carla met a homeschooled teenager who completely blew her away with her maturity and calmness. This encounter sparked Carla’s interest in homeschooling, and she tucked the idea away for later.

Fast forward to meeting her husband and starting a family. They decided to give homeschooling a shot. Little did they know that this decision would shape their lives in incredible ways.

Initially, they took it year by year. However, as they saw the benefits for their boys and their family, they continued homeschooling all the way through high school. Now their sons have graduated and are in college. Their oldest son is pursuing political science while their youngest is studying engineering at a Virginia University. Talk about an amazing journey!

Unfolding the Homeschool Journey

Now, let’s get down to business and talk about that sense of calm and homeschool on that Carla brings to the table. Homeschooling high school can be a nerve-wracking experience:

  • The fear of messing up our teens
  • Or the pressure to cover everything
  • And the worries about college and the future.

It’s enough to make anyone’s blood pressure skyrocket. But Carla is here to save the day with some tips to lower that blood pressure and bring back the calm.

First and foremost, Carla reminds us that our teens are still works in progress.

Carla emphasizes the importance of observing and including with our teens in planning their homeschool years. Development of their unique selves (personality, interests, gifts) takes time, and it’s a process of unfolding. 

She encourages parents to detach from the pressures of gotta’s and should’s.

Instead focus on understanding their teens’ needs and interests. Watch what’s developing in your teens, listen to what they are telling you, and partner with them in their journey. It’s all about discovery and exploration.

By cultivating a strong relationship and engaging in conversations, parents can alleviate the pressure they put on themselves and their children.

Discovering Passions

And here’s a little secret: parenting is all about discovery too. We have no idea who’s being sent to us when we become parents. It’s a wild ride of surprises and unexpected twists. 

Carla’s homeschooling approach involved exposing her sons to various activities and observing their natural interests. From tinkering with Hot Wheels tracks to creating imaginary countries on maps, her sons’ passions became apparent. (Our friend, Anita Gibson, calls this “finding their star”.)

When high school arrived, Carla and her husband focused on incorporating these interests into their curriculum. Her oldest son was interested in political science, even traveling abroad for mission work, while her youngest delved into robotics and engineering studies.

Transcripts and Resumes

When it comes to capturing these unique experiences on transcripts, Carla explains that some activities are best suited for resumes. She suggests focusing on the core academics and listing the rest on a resume. 

For instance, her son listed mission trips, robotics camps and music performances on his experiential resume, showcasing his diverse skills and interests. The resume can come in handy for college applications and even job applications down the line. 

Remember: All of life is education

Advice for Homeschooling High School

For parents starting their homeschooling journey with a 9th grader, Carla has a few sage suggestions:

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Create a basic academic plan together with your child to help set goals and expectations 
  • Understand your state’s requirements and explore potential colleges early on to alleviate stress later

Carla emphasizes that it’s impossible to cover everything, but by focusing on the tools of learning and fostering a sense of curiosity, your teenager can continue their educational journey beyond homeschooling.

Letting Go and Enjoying the Process

But here’s the thing: you can’t do it all. Carla reminds homeschooling parents that they are not in control of the outcomes. Putting pressure on ourselves to control every aspect of our children’s education is unnecessary. Remember: All of life is education (learning takes a lifetime and there’s just no way to cover everything during high school). 

Let go of that pressure and focus on giving your teens the tools to learn for themselves. And if there are any gaps, don’t fret. Dual enrollment can be a lifesaver. Colleges often have resources that we humble homeschoolers may not, so take advantage of them. 

And remember, you’re not in control of the outcomes. Trust the unfolding process and in the plans that God has for your kids. Have faith that the plans God has for their children will come to fruition. 

Reflecting on her own life, Carla acknowledges that our trajectories are rarely straight, and unexpected detours often lead us to where we need to be.

Embracing Support and Community

Homeschooling can sometimes feel overwhelming, but Carla reassures parents that they are not alone.  Organizations like HSLDA and supportive homeschooling communities exist to provide guidance, resources, and a sense of camaraderie. 

Building a community around you, linking arms with others who understand the journey, can make all the difference.

Carla Fuller: Keep Calm and Homeschool On

Homeschooling high school can be a beautiful and rewarding experience, filled with opportunities for growth and discovery. Carla Fuller’s wisdom and calm demeanor remind us to observe, partner with our children, and trust the unfolding process. To keep calm and homeschool on!

By focusing on the tools of learning, embracing flexibility, and building strong relationships, we can navigate the homeschooling journey with confidence and joy. So take a deep breath, remember that you can do this, and enjoy the adventure of homeschooling high school!

Thank you to Richie Soares with Homeschool and Humor for writing this blog post and to Seth Tillman for editing the podcast.


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Easy Way Curriculum Planning | Special Replay

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easy way curriculum planning | Curriculum Planning The Easy Way? It never gets old, the feeling of excitement OR dread when you are planning your homeschool curriculum. #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #easycurriculumEasy Way Curriculum Planning

Special Replay | Episode 252, Easy Way Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Planning The Easy Way?

It never gets old, the feeling of excitement OR dread when you are planning your homeschool curriculum. What is curriculum? It is the books, and the methodology you will use to homeschool your children. I won’t go into all the styles of homeschooling, this has been done in other podcasts.

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Easy Way Curriculum Planning:

An overview of methods and links to these podcasts on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network are as follows:

  • Charlotte Mason
  • Classical Method
  • Unit Studies
  • Principle Approach
  • Textbook and Workbook
  • Unschooling and Delayed Academics
  • Homeschooling Elementary Years
  • Homeschooling Middle School
  • Homeschooling 101

There are more, and that is an eclectic approach mixing some of these methods.

For example, I used the Unit Study method for the majority of the elementary years, but I supplemented it with textbooks when needed or unschooling, allowing the children to pursue or go off on tangents that interested them – or an idea that was sparked by our unit study.

This type of learning is the most effective because the children are excited to learn and that is when most “real” learning takes place. I notice this now in my older children. My son was interested in weaponry – making weapons after studying ancient history. This carried on in later years and my son has made throwing stars, knives out of steel, a sword, a bow and arrow, and display cases. It is a fun hobby that he does in his spare time.

My daughter, on the other hand, learned her love for oceanography after studying the topic and went on to Scuba dive, getting her advanced certificates while in college. This daughter has gone on to homeschool her children.

We are going to take a quick commercial break and when we come back we will discuss planning your year – using the 4-Square Planning Method. We’ll be right back.


Okay – where were we? Planning your Curriculum.

  1. Decide your method. Which will you select? It really depends on the method of homeschooling you select on how to plan your curriculum. Here I’m assuming you have the curriculum in hand or are thinking about what you want to do for the coming year. If you study the different methods of homeschooling, textbooks, unit studies or unschooling the variety of options are endless. Regardless to your method you still need to accomplish, even if you are unschooling – that is not using any set curriculum and using student-led topics, you still need to accomplish learning for the year. This needs to be planned at some point and scheduled. If you are using the Classical approach there are various cycles, so you want to look at your student’s age/grade and figure out where they are in the study or approach. Charlotte Mason uses experiential, literature and nature studies. For the Principal each subject is based on Biblical principles and students are taught to think and reason using a Christian worldview and ideas using a notebook method to research, reason, relate and record. It still requires books which takes us to the next point.
  2. Look at how many weeks you will schedule your homeschool. Typically we homeschool 180 days of school, 5 days a week, for a total of 36 weeks. Just divide the number of days a week you want to homeschool into 180 days of school and that will help you. I used a yearly calendar and circled the days we would school in pencil. Just think! There are 52 weeks in the school year. If you homeschool 36 of those weeks it gives you plenty of downtime – time to take a break.
  3. Look at your books – where will you begin? It is different if you are using different methods. Here are some example of two methods I am most familiar with and ways to set them up.
  4. Textbook/workbook – take the number of days you will homeschool, the number of pages in the book and divide the number of pages by days. So if there are 320 pages in your child’s math book and 180 days it will take 1.7 days to complete – so, doing 2 pages per day will allow you to complete the book in 160 days which gives you 20 days of cushion. Cushion time: This is a great relief to homeschool families, to have the time to get ahead of if you take a break, you’ll know how many days you can miss without getting behind.
  5. Unit study – plan your topics for the year. Then, decide how many weeks you will use to study the unit. The best unit studies take at least 6-8 weeks of study. My own Creation Study Guides used this method.  In this amount of time, you can read about the topic, do science or history projects and really delve into the topic thoroughly.
  6. Schedule in time for breaks such as field trips — Schedule time for vacations. Even staycations. Also include breaks for planning, planning time for long weekends, vacations
  7. Field trips were a big part of our homeschool and needs a number all of its own. You can schedule your field trips around the topics you are studying or just schedule your field trip as a stand-alone. We studied the ancient Greeks and Romans and then we decided to visit various restaurants to sample Greek and Roman foods.

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Helping Teens Handle Discouragement

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Helping Teens Handle Discouragement.

Helping Teens Handle Discouragement

Helping Teens Handle Discouragement

Let’s face it, as humans, we all experience moments of discouragement. Our teens are no exception. Let’s explore some practical ways in helping teens handle discouragement as they navigate through these uncertain, kind of “weird”, challenging times.

Join Vicki for encouragement on helping teens to handle discouragement in healthy ways.

Tackling Difficult Academics

One common source of discouragement for teens is struggling with challenging academics. Whether it’s precalculus, algebra, or geometry, it’s easy for them to feel stuck and believe they’re not good enough. Even us adults, we would feel a little defeated in the face of those math monsters. 

And when they’re feeling down, motivation goes out the window, making it a real struggle to get anything done. We’ve all been there, right? 

As homeschooling parents, it’s essential to provide support during these moments. A few ways to show your support are:

  • Start by making eye contact and allowing them to express their frustrations. 
  • Let them vent and get those negative thoughts out of their system. 
  • Instead of correcting them, help them find their positives. 
  • Remind them of a time when they actually enjoyed something academic.
  • Let them know they can take a break from this tough stuff and recalibrate the next day. 

Help them remember that there is some light at the end of the academic tunnel, even if it means going back in time a little. Sometimes a day or two off is just what the doctor ordered. Our friend CJ over at Homeschooling Through High School swears by it. 

So, take a breather, go on a drive, or plan a fun field trip instead of banging their heads against those textbooks. Helping teens handle discouragement and failure is no easy task, but with a little creativity and ingenuity, it can be done. 

Take a break and recalibrate.

Finding Support

Sometimes teens are dealing with subjects that are just way out of our league as parents. You know which ones I’m talking about…science labs, super tough math, or anything that makes us scratch our heads in confusion. 

In those cases, it’s time to think outside the box. When you have to “teach what you don’t know” and you both are at risk of discouragement:

Thinking outside the box and finding alternative ways to tackle tough subjects can boost your teen’s confidence and motivation. The point is to find creative solutions to tackle those discouraging subjects head-on.

Adjusting Curriculum

Not every teen needs to follow the same academic path. If your teen is heading towards a trade school, the military, or pursuing a literature major in college, it may be worth reevaluating their curriculum. Here are 50 ways to “scrap your schoolbook” 🙂

Dropping unnecessary subjects, like precalculus, can alleviate unnecessary stress and provide opportunities to explore more relevant topics. Then choose some curriculum that might be a better fit. Financial literacy, for example, could be a valuable alternative. 

Remember, just because something is available to do doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for everyone. Scale back and let your teen focus on what truly matters for their future path.

Navigating Life’s Unexpected Twists

Sometimes discouragement for teens isn’t just about academics. Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, and our teens can feel down when things don’t go as planned. They might think, By now, I should be doing this and that, or I really wanted to do this, but it’s not happening

It’s all part of the rollercoaster ride called Life. When “life happens”, help your teens focus on the good in the present and have hope for the future. Remind them that even though things may not be going as planned right now, they have enough to get by. 

They have food, clothes, and a support system that believes in them. And guess what? The future holds amazing things for them. 

Be their role models, showing them that we’re living in the present with hope in the future, believing that good things are on the horizon. It’s all about navigating the present and the future with faith and hopefulness. We can’t lecture our teens into feeling better, but we can guide them through it.

Coping with Changing Friendships

Now, let’s talk about friendships. Discouragement for teens can happen when they and their friends seem to be heading in different directions. Even us moms go through those friendship changes. It can be downright discouraging. 

When your teen comes to you, pouring their heart out about how they don’t understand what’s going on, let them process it. Let them express their frustrations and just be there for them. 

Of course, if there are negative behaviors on their part, like bossing everyone around or throwing temper tantrums, it’s an opportunity to teach them some valuable life skills. In these particular moments, simply help them work on their self-control and how they interact with others. 

But sometimes, friendships just naturally evolve, and that’s okay. Assure your teen that they are amazing individuals, and there are plenty of friends waiting for them in the future. Together, you’ll get through this rough patch. 

Remember, it’s all about the present and the future. This might feel weird and discouraging right now, but they still have friends, acquaintances, and activities that bring them joy. And in the future, they’ll build an incredible network of awesome people. Here’s a post on making friends in college that can help with high schoolers, too.

Recognizing Signs of Depression

Here’s a little something to keep in mind: sometimes discouragement for teens can escalate into more serious issues like depression or anxiety. It’s crucial to be vigilant and recognize the signs. 

Lethargy, disinterest, excessive crying, or isolation may indicate a depressive episode. Bouncing back becomes a real challenge, especially when they’re bombarded with one discouraging moment after another. 

If you notice these symptoms persisting, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Reach out to your family doctor or find a counselor who specializes in working with teens. Remember, addressing mental health concerns is vital for their overall well-being.

We don’t want discouragement to take root and overshadow their lives. We want them to be healed, whole, and filled with hope. Feel confident in knowing there are resources out there to help them – and you – and it’s a beautiful thing to witness their journey towards freedom from those depressive episodes.

Creating Positive Experiences

When discouragement rears its ugly head, it’s time to create some positive events. When helping teens handle discouragement, as homeschooling parents, we can’t fix everything, but we can inject positivity into our teens’ lives. 

Take a break on the weekend and do something out of the ordinary with your teens. Plan spontaneous outings or activities that they won’t expect. Explore local state parks, museums, or nature trails. The change of scenery and the shared experiences can work wonders.

While they may initially resist, these experiences can lift their spirits and release healing and bonding hormones in their brains. When you engage in a new activity or go on a field trip, their brains release oxytocin, the healing and bonding hormone. Their brains get a little zap of positive vibes. 

Think outside the box, check out local newspapers or online resources for weekend activities, state parks, museums, nature trails, you name it. Just do something different. You might not be able to fix the world for your teens, and you can’t magically make those math lessons disappear, but you can inject a little positivity into their lives. And that is worth its weight in gold.

Helping Teens Handle Discouragement

Dealing with discouragement for teens is a challenge every homeschooling mom faces. By implementing these strategies, you can support your teens through difficult academic moments, navigate changing friendships, and help them find hope in uncertain times. 

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Join the 7Sisters Homeschool Facebook group to connect with a supportive community of homeschooling moms. Together, we can empower our teens and help them overcome discouragement.

Thank you to Richie Soares with Homeschool and Humor for writing this blog post and Seth Tillman for editing!


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CJ’s Tips for Homeschooling High School 

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: CJ’s Tips for Homeschooling High School!

CJ’s Tips for Homeschooling High School

CJ’s Tips for Homeschooling High School 

Vicki was SO excited to chat with her new friend, CJ of Homeschooling Through High School! CJ has a wonderful YouTube channel full of helpful, fun and authentic posts about homeschooling high school. She (and sometimes, her delightful family) have so many cool ideas and insights on resources.

The teenage years are often thought of as tumultuous and unpredictable, making the idea of homeschooling a teenager seem like a daunting one. There can be an initial skepticism about homeschooling in the high school years – from both newer homeschool parents and teens – regarding its potential to meet the educational needs of teenagers. Many parents worry that their children will miss out on social interactions and opportunities for growth.

Well, as today’s special guest, CJ shares her personal story of how she went from being skeptical about homeschooling to becoming a passionate advocate. Join us as we explore the reasons behind her decision and discover some valuable tips for homeschooling high school successfully!

Unveiling the CJ’s Homeschooling Journey

CJ begins her story by admitting that she used to think homeschooling was only for weird folks. I think we’ve all been there at this point, right? However, fate had other plans for CJ when she met a homeschooled young man who would later become her husband. 

But as time went on, she found herself pregnant with our first child and that’s when things started to change for her. The world seemed to be getting out of control with schools cutting out art and music and prayer – all the values she grew up with were slowly disappearing. 

Despite her initial resistance, CJ found herself reconsidering homeschooling as a viable option. She realized the importance of instilling Christian values and character into her children’s education. She wanted to give her future kids a solid Christian education, and paying for private school for each child was just not feasible. 

After much contemplation, her and her husband had a light bulb moment and decided to take the plunge into homeschooling. 

“Yep, the one who swore she’d never do it became a homeschooling mama.” – CJ

When her oldest hit middle school, the reality of high school started to sink in. CJ noticed a trend where many parents throw in the towel at middle school and would send their kids off back to public school during the high school years. A lot of reasons for this is due to the lack of confidence in themselves for teaching high school material as well as the overabundance of oppressive doubt in doing a job well done. 

And if this is the way that’s best for your family – going to pubic school high school when it’s time – there is nothing wrong with this if that’s what fits your family. However, for CJ, she had gained so much confidence during the middle school years that she just knew she could handle high school too. And she knew that she could always look for the very many homeschool high school resources available these days so she didn’t have to do it all alone. 

Tips for Homeschooling High School Successfully

It’s through these CJ’s researching, experiencing, and others’ resources that she learned so much about homeschooling during the high school years. From planning out the classes to teaching (or not teaching!) certain classes, there are so many incredible ways to homeschool your high school – it’s not all cookie cutter! 

Here are a few of CJ’s most valuable tips for homeschooling your high schooler:

Build a Strong Relationship

CJ emphasizes the importance of fostering a healthy parent-child relationship. This is key. Sometimes, it’s essential to prioritize bonding over academics. Taking a break from algebra to enjoy a fun outing or simply spending quality time together can do wonders for both the child’s well-being and the homeschooling experience.

“The relationship you have with your child is more important than any subject you’ll ever teach.” – CJ

“The relationship you have with your child is more important than any subject you'll ever teach.” - CJ

Weekly Meetings

Treat yourself as the mentor and guidance counselor for your high schooler. Have regular check-ins to discuss their progress, address any challenges, and provide support. These meetings encourage open communication, help identify areas that require improvement, and allow for spiritual growth. 

Utilize Resources

You don’t have to do it all. CJ dispels the misconception that homeschooling through high school requires mastering every subject. There are numerous resources available, including free curriculum options, co-ops, enrichment programs, and knowledgeable individuals within the community who can supplement your teaching. Outsourcing subjects that may be outside your expertise ensures a well-rounded education for your child.

And hey, if your neighbor happens to be a surgeon and wants to teach biology, why not take advantage of that? It’s all about finding what works for you and your child.

Dual Enrollment

Consider dual enrollment in local community colleges or online schools for your high schooler. This option allows them to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously. 

However, it’s essential to evaluate whether your child is ready for the challenges of college-level coursework and if it aligns with their goals and maturity level.

Embracing the Teen Years

Remember what we said at the beginning of this blog post? About how most parents refer to the “dreaded teenage years” as doom and gloom? CJ encourages parents to shed that negative chatter surrounding the teenage years. 

Despite the stereotypes, she found the high school years to be a blast – some of the most enjoyable and rewarding years of her homeschooling. Why? Because teenagers are capable of engaging in meaningful conversations, exploring their identities, and building strong connections with their parents. 

Surrounding you and your teen with like-minded individuals who are uplifting and supportive can make these high school teen years even more fulfilling.

​​CJ’s Tips for Homeschooling High School 

Homeschooling through high school may seem daunting, but CJ’s story proves that with determination, support, a few well-utilized resources, and running with the confidence you built over the younger years, it can be a truly enriching experience. By prioritizing relationships, maintaining open communication, and embracing the unique opportunities homeschooling offers, you can guide your high schooler to success!

Remember, you don’t have to do it all alone. Reach out to the homeschooling community, tap into available resources, and enjoy the journey of homeschooling through high school. You can make the high school years a rewarding and memorable experience for your children. 

Connect with CJ

If you’re considering homeschooling your high schooler or are already on this exciting journey, be sure to check out CJ’s Homeschooling Through High School YouTube channel for more tips, inspiration, and encouragement on homeschooling through high school.

Also, you’ll love her review of 7Sisters Animal Farm Literature Study Guide.


Thank you to Richie Soares with Homeschool and Humor for writing this blog post!


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