Parasites in Man and Beast – How Homeopathy can help!

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This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer shares a fascinating topic that has been a significant part of her journey as a farmer and a homeopath - the use of homeopathy and natural ways to rid the body of parasites.This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer shares a fascinating topic that has been a significant part of her journey as a farmer and a homeopath – the use of homeopathy and natural ways to rid the body of parasites.

Reflecting on my own experiences with parasites on my farm, I initially used anti-parasitic drugs for my animals. However, I later learned about natural alternatives such as diatomaceous earth and coconut oil, which I found to be effective. I also took a naturopathy class and was shocked to learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy pH balance in ruminant animals to prevent parasites from thriving.

Over 50% of a ruminant animal’s food should be dried stocks, such as hay, which forces them to chew and produce more saliva, resulting in a lower stomach pH. This helps to strengthen their immune system and fight parasites more effectively.

Natural Remedies for Parasite Management

I have had personal success with using coconut oil to expel parasites from my animals. Feeding coconut oil to my larger animals caused parasites to come out of the skin and leave the body. I also used diatomaceous earth, which kills and dries up parasites, along with homeopathy to balance the body and create an unfriendly environment for parasites. I haven’t had to worry about parasites in my animals for 20 years using these methods.

The Parasite De-worm Mini Kit

I also recommend using a combination remedy called the parasite de-worm mini kit, which is alternated in the animals’ water for 1 to 2 weeks. Additionally, treating the pasture or barnyard with diatomaceous earth can further control parasites. Diatomaceous earth is made of fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms and contains silica, which is beneficial for the body. However, it is important to avoid inhaling it or getting it in the eyes.

Homeopathic Remedies for Parasites

On my website, I offer a pet parasite worm kit, as well as a list of homeopathic remedies for parasites. These remedies range from Aconite to Sulfur and cover a wide range of symptoms and types of parasites.

Treating Worm Complaints in Children

It’s also crucial to address worm complaints in children. While there are fewer remedies listed for children, Aconite, Belladonna, and Cina are among the top remedies for worm complaints in children.

Interestingly, the moon’s phases can influence worm complaints. Parasite problems can cause symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, and failure to thrive. They can also affect animals and it’s important to treat them regularly to maintain their health.

In conclusion, I encourage everyone to address parasite problems using homeopathy and natural means. It’s a journey I’ve been on for 20 years and I can confidently say that it’s been effective for me. I hope my experiences and insights can help you on your journey too.

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  1. Hi, in the podcast you said that there was a list of different remedies for treating parasite worms in kids. I think you said there was a book with about 270 remedies listed. But you’ve also said there was another resource on your website. I’m just trying to find the one that’s on your website. And maybe you couldn’t repeat the name of that book is the only mentioned it very quickly in passing. Thank you.

  2. My son is on the mission field. He was in Peru and is back in the states now. He was very sick in Peru. He is pretty sure he has parasites as he has lost a lot of weight and is very exhausted. He is only 20 and usually high energy. I want to send him your parasite protocol. Will this include the instructions? Thank you.

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