Top 10 Parenting Secrets

Top 10 Parenting Secrets | Raising children isn't easy, they don't come with a manual! Yet, sharing parenting secrets is the topic of today's show and Felice shares her tried and true methods. #podcast #homeschoolpodcastParenting Secrets Episode 326

Raising children isn’t easy, they don’t come with a manual! Yet, sharing parenting secrets is the topic of today’s show and Felice shares her tried and true methods.

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Parenting Secrets Advice:

Most parents shower their children with love, yet it is important to show this love by being there for them! For example, if your child is talking it’s important not to be on your cell phone. If you are busy on your phone you are sending the message they are not important.

Allow kids to make mistakes within reason – these are teachable moments.

Remind children that home is their safe place! It is the place they should feel the most secure and able to talk and discuss anything. Also letting kids know what you expect is important and that sets them up for success.

Reward good behavior. When they do something well praise them. Or if they are trying and failing to be sure to say, “Good try.” Kids need to earn our respect but we can demonstrate this by respecting them as well. IF you have a horrible day, remind them at the end of the day that tomorrow is a brand new day and we get to begin all over again with a clean slate – don’t hold grudges.

Forgiveness is the key. Not just saying I am sorry, but will you forgive me. That takes the power out of the hands of the offender and into the hands of the child that is being offended (or parent, or sibling)

Parenting Secrets Top 10

  1. Relationship with your child
  2. Avoid CHarcter assassination – punish the crime and love the child
  3. Don’t compare
  4. Don’t discipline in anger
  5. Yes means yes and no means no
  6. Follow through – kids are gamblers
  7. Set guidelines and parameters funnel approach
  8. Listen
  9. Teach self-discipline
  10. Take a stand where it matters don’t sweat the small stuff

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