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Organizing makes everything go better, and this month our focus is on party planning.

In my experience, this allows for less stress and a successful event everyone will enjoy in the moment and remember for years to come.

How Do You Plan Parties?

How do you plan parties? Maybe you are an expert, or perhaps you are just starting to host events. This month’s planner will focus on the details of planning the perfect party for you and your guests. Use this reference to efficiently organize the different aspects of your party regardless of the size or event. We’ve planned everything from weddings (we hand-made guest favors and name tags and decorations) as well as hosted low-key events like family night. Any homeschool mom with kids will have more than one birthday party to plan, even if you are having the event somewhere else.

What’s In The Planner?

Using the print-out sheets provided will keep you on track without leaving everything to the last minute or forgetting important details. Take your time; print and begin immediately! With the aid of the included organizational sheets, it is easier to implement and stick with a plan that will undoubtedly lead to a fun full event. And our planner makes it easy to insert changes.

This organizational planner includes tips and tricks to take your party organization from sporadic and stressful to well-executed and fun for everyone! Use the blank sheets to make this planner fit
any occasion. Find out how much the party will cost ahead of time with the budget spreadsheet.

Picking a Party Planning Theme

Coming up with a theme for your party is just the beginning. You will plan and decide how much you want to DIY (do it yourself) and when it is best to order flowers and/or the cake. Each
spreadsheet provides another step in the equation of a well-planned and executed party. An important factor is the menu and guest lists. This will help you plan graduation, religious occasions, or
anniversaries and other special events. Just think of the memories your family and friends will have for a lifetime after the party. Feel free to omit aspects that don’t fit your event and cater to
your unique needs.

Many planning sheets can be used from this planner to help you with any task. You can print as many as you need for your family. Planning is just the beginning. This includes shopping, organizing, and cooking. It helps to make food and decorations ahead. Remember to organize a setup and clean-up team. You don’t need to do everything yourself. Big parties can be handled in small steps.

Ultimate Checklist

Use the Ultimate Checklist to start up to three months (or more) in advance. Utilize the blank sheets at the end of the planner to help you plan your day, look for ways to set up routines, and
keep a specific schedule. This is important anytime, and getting into a routine, especially while planning an event, will make your life easier, especially when homeschooling. Use the blank calendar to pay the bills, keep track of your homeschool goals, or even a menu plan.

Keep Your Party Planning Focus

Focus on your priorities, and remember change doesn’t happen overnight. Tweak what didn’t work last month or modify it, but stick with the overall plan; it takes perseverance to succeed in each area, whether budgeting, homeschooling, or organizing a party.

The Vintage Homeschool Mom’s Podcasthas great party planning ideas to get you started. Here are the direct links to the podcasts. Check out the ones that may be helpful to you. Links are on the following pages.

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There are so many resources available. The entire podcast network is free. Check out the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network, which has many shows that deal with the organization. Vintage Homeschool Moms has great shows on graduation and more. Just search for the topic on the website. I pray you are brought peace and joy as you organize your life!

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