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Patriotism | In this time of controversy, there appears to be a downplaying of patriotism in America. Am I the only one who sees it? If we say we "love our country," then we are not thinking of others. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #homeschool #patriotismandkids #patriotic #teachingpatriotism #military #militaryhonor #honor #honorablekidsPatriotism Is Not Dead – Episode 402

In this time of controversy, there appears to be a downplaying of patriotism in America. Am I the only one who sees it? If we say we “love our country,” then we are not thinking of others. In this episode, Felice shares ways to honor our Veterans and those who have fought bravely for our freedoms.

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Adults sometimes complicate matters that kids take at face value. One of the treasures of homeschooling is sharing our beliefs and thoughts with our children. The downfall is that one day your kids share their thoughts and beliefs and unfortunately they may not align with yours! When we teach it is often good to allow for a discussion time so that the kids will hear what you are saying and they can form an opinion. But, as I always told my children, “I think lead-in questions must have some good foundation behind it.

I was very surprised and created a podcast on the topic when my youngest signed up for the Army without first discussing the pros and cons with us. See Military Mom To Be here. It came as a total shock as he had vaguely mentioned looking into the military, but for us it wasn’t anything we talked about as a family or discussed, other than to explain how important it was to honor our soldiers and to respect their service.

How can kids respect something they don’t know anything about? They can’t. Depending on the age or grade of your children you may want to start with some basics.

Here is a blog post on Memorial Day Activities For Kids.

  1. Flag Etiquette:

Have you been to a game and watched people disrespect the National Anthem playing? People don’t know what to do with their hands or if they should wear a hat (only those in active duty military can leave it on) or remove it. It is a sign of patriotism to stand up and respect the flag and what it presents, our freedom. When the anthem plays, stand and place your hand over your heart, if you are a male, remove your hat.

2 Honor our Soldiers:

Do you know someone in the military, ask them what they like to hear when in uniform. I heard recently while watching a news show that the soldier did not like being told, “Thank you for your service,” a common phrase. That is typically what we say and it has been well received. Often active-duty military men and women are allowed to board the airplanes first, as well as receive discounts at various places. This shows respect.

3. Basic freedoms:

Do your children know about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The best place to look for information is at the source. The National archives are available online here. The website explains these three documents are known as the “Charters of Freedom,” and have secured our rights as Americans for more than 225 years. It is disappointing when we watch news shows that are the “man on the street” and they interview teens who have no idea what these documents contain! Sometimes our own education is lacking and it is wonderful that we homeschool because we can learn with our kids! We can also learn about the three branches of the government and what they do! (The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of Government).

4. Core beliefs as Americans:

What do we believe as Americans? In a nutshell, we believe in justice, liberty for all, the pursuit of happiness, we value truth, and of course the rule of law. This month be sure you sign up for our current Character Counts Planner which is on the topic of justice and honor. These traits can be practiced in our own homes!



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