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Does your home suffer from the lack of "peace at home"? In this Just for Kids Series special where we discuss peace and family.Peace at Home – Episode 461

Does your home suffer from the lack of “peace at home”? In this Just for Kids Series special, Felice Gerwitz talks directly to the kids and asks them what type of household they prefer.

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What is your family like? If I asked you to describe your family in one word what would that word be? Think about it.

Well, what did you come up with? Some of you might have said: big, small, nice, loving or maybe you said, loud, messy, crazy, and fun. Whatever word you used might be one way you think of your family, but it may have nothing to do with who your family really is or why it is important to be a team in a family.

Every team has a leader, it is someone like a coach who helps you to improve and get better. A coach has one thing in mind and that is to win and to encourage all of the players to do their best. Just like a team a family has a leader and it is the adults in the family, it can be a mom and dad or sadly, sometimes just a mom or just a dad. Either way, a family is led by someone who is in charge.

So, let me ask you another question. Are you the one in charge of your family? If you are a kid listening to this, the answer is … did you say no. You are right! You are part of the family, and an important part of the family but you are not the person in charge. The person in charge has done a lot to get to that point. One thing they have done is to have you! Either you were born into a family or you were adopted into a family, but either way, you are part of the family.

What happens when you put a group of people together? Many things can happen but often when people get together and if decisions need to be made then sometimes people disagree and when that happens it can make everyone sad. There can be fighting and arguing and then no one is happy.

Have you ever had a situation happen in your family when you were preparing to go somewhere and instead your parents said no one could go because everyone was disobeying? This is very sad for everyone involved. Or, maybe this happened to you, you disobeyed and your mom or dad said you could not go to a friend’s house or they could not come to your house. How terrible for everyone. These are life lessons that we learn and we may think they are very unfair but the person who looses out is you.

Do you want to lose out on having fun? Of course not, but when people do not do what they are told, then the peace is disturbed.

Peace is Disturbed When:

  1. People disagree
  2. No one will listen
  3. Someone wants their own way
  4. Things get violent
  5. Someone starts trouble for fun

Let’s look at these five points. (Listen to the audio for more information.)

Peace is Restored When:

  1. People agree
  2. Everyone listens and lets others speak uninterrupted
  3. Someone gives in or compromises are made.
  4. No one hits or screams.
  5. Everyone knows to be on their best behavior

Peace within families is very important. It allows everyone to get along and it helps the parents when it comes to managing the household. They can plan fun activities, they can get their own chores finished so there is more time to do things like read you a book, play games or put together puzzles.

Talking with kindness is important. When we get upset we sometimes say unkind things. And all we do is hurt someone else like we are hurting. This does nothing to make things better. Before you speak think! Think about what your words will say and if they will make things better, then say them. If your words will not make anything better it may be better to think again!

How will you have peace in your family? Think about the things we talked about. Peaceful families are happier and they enjoy being around each other. God put us into the families we have and I pray that you are able to enjoy being part of your family, until you grow up some day and have a family of your very own!


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