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Finish Well Radio, Podcast #076, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio NetworkIn “Planning a Wedding,” Episode #076, Meredith Curtis interviews two brides-to-be, Aisha Palm and Jenny Rose Curtis, who are planning their weddings to amazing men of God. The exciting thing is that they both live in the same house—the Curtis homestead! The ladies discuss the excitement, challenges, and tasks that are living through as they prepare for romantic days to come.





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Show Notes

Meet Aisha and Jenny Rose

How long each girl has to plan the wedding

A little about the engagements and the grooms.

Goal in Wedding Planning

Each lady shares her desires for her special day and what things they want to do in the ceremony and reception to honor the Lord.

What All is Involved in Wedding Planning

Basics of planning a wedding: venues, dress, caterer, flowers, photographer, cake, wedding party, colors, and theme.

Ladies share their biggest surprises about planning a wedding, as well as their biggest challenges so far.

Memories in Progress

There are memories in the making as they move forward toward their big days.

Couples Growing Closer to Jesus

Growing closer to Jesus is what matters to each young women and her fiancé and they share things that are doing to grow as couples closer to Jesus.


Jenny Rose and Aisha share advice to ladies who are planning their own weddings.



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