Special Replay: Pneumonia and How Homeopathy Can Help

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Join Sue Meyer in this podcast as she shares about homeopathy for pneumonia. #homeopathy #pneumonia #naturalremedies #alternativemedicinePneumonia is an infection in the lungs. The infection can be in a small area or large area of one lung or in both lungs.

Also, you can have it and not know it. This is called “walking pneumonia.” If your pneumonia is caused by a bacteria, virus, or fungus, you can spread it to someone else.

If it is caused by having been chilled or wet then chilled etc., it is not contagious.

What happens is that infection causes the air sacs of the lungs ( “alveoli” [alvuli]) to fill up with fluid or pus. The infection stifles the flow of oxygen through the cells of the Lungs and makes it hard to breathe in enough oxygen to reach your bloodstream.

Anyone can get this lung infection.

Infants younger than age 2 and people over age 65 have the highest odds. Their immune systems might not be strong enough to fight it.

Infarction: is the obstruction of the blood supply to an organ or region of tissue, typically by a

Thrombus – a blood clot formed in situ within the vascular system of the body and impeding blood flow.) or
Embolus – a blood clot, air bubble, piece of fatty deposit, or other object that has been carried in the bloodstream to lodge in a vessel and cause an embolism),  causing local death of the tissue.

Symptoms vary only but a little. There is usually a fever, but may not come on right away.

As the infection takes hold of the lungs, there are usually chills as the fever comes on, Chest pain, and trouble breathing.

There may be a cough, but not always.

Small children or infants will have what is referred to as “THUMPING” breaths. Where a normal breath of air intake will give rise to the chest cavity, Thumping, causes the stomach area to work to suck in air for the lungs that are too inflamed to take in the air on there own. The thumping, is an involuntary action that the body make to create it’s own suction pump, so to speak.

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