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Podcasts for Homeschool Families

119: Podcasts for Homeschool Families

Sarah Snyder is our guest in this episode on Podcasts for Homeschool Families. She was the guest on the second most popular episode of this podcast last year, Podcasts for kids of all ages, so be sure to listen to that one if you haven’t already.

Sarah now has her own podcast, The Online School Mom. I am her guest on the episode “Online electives to boost your child’s education“.

You can find the rest of what Sarah offers at Online School Mom.

Four main areas where podcasts can be of huge value:

Podcasts About Money

  • Million Bazillion
  • Money Talkers
  • Money With Mak and G
  • Popcorn Finance

Find more podcasts about money here.

Podcasts About Personal Growth

  • The Dream Big Podcast
  • The Big Life Journal for Kids
  • Meditation and sleep stories
  • Peace Out

Also look at these podcasts on Personal Growth and Self-Help

Podcasts During the Holidays

Add podcasts to your family traditions! Get some ideas on what to listen to here.

Podcasts to supplement curriculum

  • Time for Lunch
  • Bookclubs for Kids
  • The TEN News
  • Bedtime History
  • Whose Smarted?
  • The Good Words Podcast
  • The Curious Kid

For ideas on podcasts related to history, take a look at this post.

If you are looking for a specific podcast topic, Listen Notes is a podcast search engine.


Show Sponsor Fundafunda Academy uses podcasts in some of their online classes. Take a look at all they offer

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Podcasts for Homeschool Families

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