Practical Credits for Reluctant Learners, Interview with Carol Anne Swett

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Practical Credits for Reluctant Learners, Interview with Carol Anne Swett.

Practical Credits for Reluctant Learners, Interview with Carol Anne Swett

Practical Credits for Reluctant Learners, Interview with Carol Anne Swett

We are so excited this week to be able to catch up with our good friend from the beloved 2:1 Conference, Carol Anne Swett. Carol Anne is better known as the Homeschool Answer Mom!

Carol Anne graduated her sons from homeschool high school a few years ago, but she has stayed busy in the homeschool community. She is like we Sisters at 7SistersHomeschool: We are Titus 2 women who help the next generation of homeschool moms.

Carol Anne’s sons were different in personality. Her first son went to college as planned. However, at the end of his first semester at college, he refused to go back. He then switched to the local community college where he was happier. (That’s because there is not ONE right way to handle life after graduation.) He is now a UX designer for Nationwide Insurance in a career he truly enjoys. (As the Fletchers at Homeschooling IRL always said: We are not in charge of the outcomes for our kids.)

Carol Anne’s second son was a born with a strong will. When he was fourteen years old, he announced he was quitting school when he turns seventeen. By the time he was seventeen, they were irritated with each other and both were ready to graduate early. He only had two credits left to earn. They could have gone for a GED, he decided to go to the community college for two dual enrollment classes.

This son went to the community college for those two credits. At Thanksgiving he announced to his parents that he was going to go on through college and then to graduate school at Vanderbilt. He decided to get his degrees in Psychology! (Today, he is an EMT and working on his paramedic training- and all his youthful stubbornness has helped him persevere!)

Carol Anne has since then, work to help parents craft the best transcript for their teens, especially with a mind that they might end up in college.

Remember: God has all our teens under His care. -Carol Anne Swett

Carol Anne has this tip: Keep your faith in God- that He has plans for your teens. You can trust Him! Your teens are under His care!

Here are some of the practical credits she has helped parents find for their reluctant learners:

Find out what your teens are interested in

For instance, one teen Carol Anne worked with raised heirloom rabbits. In working with him and his parents, they were able to find several credits:

  • Raising Heirloom Rabbits/Animal Husbandry
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Basic Small Business

When this young man graduated, he had confidence to go onto college to study business.

Find out your teens abilities and passions

Another young woman had a profound brain injury. This young woman worked training dogs. She was able to earn credits in:

  • Dog training
  • Dog breeding
  • Social media
  • Website design
  • Practical reading about dog training and raising

Another teen worked with his family flipping houses. He earned credits in:

  • Construction skills
  • Planning
  • Small business

Another teen worked on the family farm and learned:

  • Agriculture
  • Tractor repair

Teens who babysit learn:

How do you document creative and practical credits? Check out these posts:

Once you find out what your teens wants to do, if it is a trade, take him to the local community college and let him/her start his trade classes.

  • That way, when they graduate, they are ready to start a meaningful career! Remember, not ALL teens need to go to college.
Carol Anne Swett, Photo used with permission

Carol Anne Swett, Photo used with permission

Join Vicki and Carol Anne for a sweet conversation. And find Carol Anne Swett at Homeschool Answer Mom. (She answers all the emails there in person.) You will also find her at Terri McKee’s Homeschooling Special Needs Online Conference.


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Practical Credits for Reluctant Learners, Interview with Carol Anne Swett

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