Preparing our children for jobs of the future

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Preparing our children for jobs of the future

106: Preparing our children for jobs of the future

As we homeschool, we do have to consider if we are preparing our children for jobs of the future and that is what we consider in this episode.

Some of the ideas mentioned are:

1. Will the job still exist – and if so, will it be changed in any way?

2. Technological know-how job seekers will need

3. They may need to know how to program

4. They will need to know how to work virtually

5. Make sure they know how to teach themselves new skills

6. A skill they will still need – how to write well

7. Problem solving will always be an important ability

8. Creativity will be too

9. Ethics relating to a changing technological world

This could mean less memorization in your homeschool and more emphasis on curriculum that encourages problem-solving and creativity and incorporates technology and online work.

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Preparing our children for jobs of the future

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