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Preschool Essentials from the Brain Coach!What is it that preschoolers really need to experience to help their brains work at peak capacity when they start formal schooling?  That question has puzzled professionals in the educational field for years.  From a neurodevelopmental perspective, preschool preparation has nothing much to do with books you find at teacher supply stores, Sam’s or Cosco marked “preschool skills.”  It is not whether a child can use scissors, identify letters and numbers or write his name.  It has everything to do with the development of the central nervous system and most especially the brain.  The brain controls everything we do so if we prepare it with a good developmental foundation, it preforms like a well-oiled machine when the pressures of formal academics are presented.  In other words, all of the skills mentioned above that so many people concentrate on when trying to teach a particular skill, are really a natural result of a good development.  For example, if the pathway from the brain to the hand is mature and hand strength is good, it would be almost effortless to learn to cut with scissors.  Let’s not put the cart before the horse!

If the foundation is not solid, that is where we see the rise in sensory issues and learning challenges appearing in more than 25% of our American children.  As you learn to work at the foundational level of development, you too can avoid learning struggles in your home.

In this episode of Brain Coach Tips, learn about the six areas of development that are the foundation to function – tactile, auditory, visual, manual, language, and mobility.  Dr. Jan will expand on each of these areas with specific activities to stimulate the proper development.  She will also explain how the chemistry of the body can play a key role in function.  To discuss this further, you can receive a free metabolic consultation when you submit your request.  See details in the handout.

Don’t miss the handout attached here with key points from the podcast and links to pertinent resources and discounts.

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