Protecting Your Kids from Predators – MBFLP 195

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Just when you thought the rise in sexual abuse of kids couldn’t get more horrifying, recent news has been full of the trials and convictions of Dr. Larry Nassar, the former team physician for Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics – the oversight organization for the U.S. Olympic gymnastics program. Over 150 women and girls have testified how he molested them in the context of sports medical treatment – for over twenty years, in spite of reports and appeals to supervisors and authorities. It’s horrific … but we need to learn from the revelations how we can better protect our own children from this sort of abuse. Warning about “stranger danger” and us simply being there are not enough in today’s climate of rampant abuse. This episode, we talk about important practical steps we can take to combat the new wave of abuse … even from persons in positions of trust.


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