Protecting Your Rights: Insights for Holistic Families in Medical Settings with the Crunchy Legal Lady

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Insights for Holistic Families in Medical Settings with The Crunchy Legal LadyIn this episode of “Homeopathy for Moms,” host Sue Meyer recently had the pleasure of interviewing a remarkable guest, Julie, also known as the Crunchy Legal Lady. Joined by our interviewer, Joy, we delved into a topic that’s close to my heart and, I’m sure, to many of yours as well – the intersection of law and holistic family practices.

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The Crunchy Legal Lady’s Journey to Advocacy

Julie’s story is one of transformation and advocacy. With a background in research and a family rooted in the medical field, she initially worked with high-profile clients, including tech giants. However, her ethical concerns about the disregard for the scientific method led her to explore herbalism and homeopathy. This personal and professional shift was further influenced by her own birthing experiences, ultimately guiding her to a legal career focused on protecting the rights of those who choose a holistic lifestyle.

Where to Find Julie

For those eager to connect with Julie, she’s most accessible on Instagram as She’s also involved with, where she’s focusing on protecting alternative health providers.

Join us at a Live Q&A with Julie on  the Members Corner!

Julie will be joining us for a live Q&A in Sue’s Members Corner on January 25th at 7 pm Central Standard Time. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!


Julie’s Background (00:00:40)

Unethical Practices in Research (00:02:17)

Birth Experience and Awakening (00:03:25)

Rights in Home Birth and Hospital Experience (00:08:24)

Protecting Rights in Hospital Settings (00:13:02)

Challenges in Hospital Settings (00:18:03)

Recording Medical Records (00:20:36)

History of Medicine (00:22:41)

Coercion in Medicine (00:25:47)

Hospital Birth Experiences (00:26:47)

Navigating Child Protective Services (00:28:21)

Rights and Actions Regarding CPS (00:34:42)

Personal Experience with CPS (00:39:47)

Vaccine Mandates and Exemptions (00:41:25)

Legal Support for Exemptions (00:42:02)

Writing Vaccine Exemption Letters (00:43:55)

Julie’s Contact Information (00:48:03)

Upcoming Live Q&A (00:49:25)

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