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PSAT Crash Course with Jean Burk

Episode #60

Are you ready for a PSAT crash course? Are you a junior? Now is the time to get ready to take the PSAT – it is given in the middle of October. In many places, you need to sign up in person (call school first). It can be the school in which your child would attend if in high school. Check your local school board. If your student is a 9th-10th grader or younger you have plenty of time to prepare.

Sign up for the test at the start of the school year.

The SAT test is given in October the first week

The PSAT is given in the middle of October

A younger student has time on your side and in this way you can work on weaknesses and build the framework for a success

  • Check the dates on the site

Show Notes: PSAT Crash Course

General Overview of the Test:

  1. Reading – details given in the podcast
  2. Writing section- details given in the podcast
  3. Math – details given in the podcast
  4. Math – details given in the podcast

Number One Strategy:

Questions are not in order of difficulty – they are all worth the same amount of points. Look it a question – 10-15 seconds – can I answer this quickly – if you can answer it and move on. If you cannot answer it don’t waste your time on it – put a star and move on. Then come back to these questions … the subconscious works on the problems in your head. You may be able to answer the questions that take more thought.

College Prep Tests For free

  2. free PSAT tests online —

Rising Junior is the year to really take the tests –

  1. Take the SAT in November and December as well.
  2. Most colleges will super score – you can combine your scores from different tests you’ve taken.
  3. This saves you from studying all over again and practicing.
  4. This allows you to not take the tests as a senior unless you want to.

Important: Box 22 on the test – it indicates you are a homeschooler. It will send the test booklet back to your home instead of to the school. This is important otherwise it will not come back to you. Something that is new this year. You get your scores back in Nov. and the booklet in December.

It is a great resource and gives you an extra practice. You can make a copy and use it again as a test.

It is an amazing test for Juniors – if you don’t get the desired top score, you can still get amazing full rides on your SAT. (gives you the score you need for your state) The scores are based on how many students are taking the test and how well the are doing. /PSATscores – official booklet – percentiles mean according to the scores

Schools that seek national merit scholars /NationalMeritSchools – minimum number of students that the school will take.

Other options for younger students:

PSAT 8/9 for practice

PSAT 10 for practice

 **Alternative Secret for Taking SAT

Contact National Merit association let them know why – you will be given alternative locations –convert the SAT to the PSAT. You must call them! They will give you a specific number to use.

At this time, they will do the conversion:

November, December, March or June test = they will take the highest score

Upcoming college fair (November 2017) – a mock SAT that will be administered by Jean – and it will be scored.


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