PSAT Test Myths – Episode 12

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psat testing mythsTest Taking Myths – Episode 12

PSAT Test Myths:

PSAT The Life Changing Test

Taking the PSAT is optional right? Not if you want free college! I know, you don’t think you are smart, or maybe you’ve been told that YOU as a parent didn’t receive the National Merit Scholarship – so don’t waste your time, either will your child. That is a PSAT Test Myth! Learn why the PSAT is a very valuable test and is more than just a practice test for taking the SAT. Don’t miss important deadlines, be proactive and learn, with Jean’s help some great test taking strategy and where to get a copy of the new version of the PSAT.

Show Notes:

1. The PSAT can be a life changing test. It can turn the question of “How can we afford to pay for college?” into… “Which college should we go to?”

2. The PSAT is not prep for taking the SAT test – these tests are different.

3. Getting a high score on the PSAT can possibly qualify your child as a National Merit Scholar.

4. Success is not about your IQ score.

4. The Benefits of the PSAT

5. What is on the PSAT and  how can you beat the test?

6. Critical Thinking Skills are necessary for taking standardized tests like the PSAT and the SAT

7. Understanding math terminology.

8. Using logic in answering test questions.

9. Test questions are answered in less than one minute, typically.

10. No point deduction for guessing – but the suggestion is not to guess at the answer as there is a 75% chance at failure. Jean has a better way.

11. The PSAT is in a new format – visit the website to download a copy.

12. The PSAT is not about content – it is about tricking the student into selecting the incorrect answer.


college prep genius

PSAT Test Myths Debunked

1. My kid is not smart enough.

2. I didn’t receive the Nation Merit Scholarship

3. Your child has to be in 11th grade to take the test (you can take the test as young as 8th-9th grade – depending on your state)

4. The PSAT is not necessary to take.

5. The PSAT does not count.


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