Overcoming Perfectionism

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Perfectionism and how to overcome it

If you haven’t listened to “The Problem with Perfectionism” you’ll want to before listening to this episode 😀

Trying to live a life of perfectionism is just not possible. There is no way that I can be perfect on this side of Heaven and anything that tries to tell me otherwise is just a lie. I’ve shared with you some of my testimony about how I fell into perfectionism and why it’s so dangerous. Today I want to share some hope and encouragement with you.

Freedom from the need to be perfect can only be found by believing the scriptures and really knowing who you are and who God is.  These things help to reveal that strength that can be found in our imperfections and how God wants to use them to bless us. In this episode, I share how we can be free from the chains of perfectionism. I will look at the story of Mary and Martha and a few other scriptures as I share how I learned to let go of the need to be perfect and learned to live a life of contentment and joy in depending on God.

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