Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

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colleen hammond Put On Your Oxygen Mask First! with Colleen Hammond

Who has time to get dressed in the morning — let alone worry about looking amazing — just to homeschool, cook, and clean toilets? I mean, we’re not leaving home anyway, right? But don’t you feel better about yourself when you know you look good? Studies have shown that when we feel good about ourselves, our self-confidence soars, we treat those around us better, and others treat us with more respect. Isn’t that what we want to teach our children, too? Self-worth and confidence are modeled behaviors! As mom’s, we tend to take care of everyone else first and put ourselves last. But even the airlines know that we are more effective helping others when we take care of ourselves, first! Everyone wins!

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Colleen has developed a simple, proven process that every woman can master that will get you looking amazing in only a few minutes a day! Are you ready to look and feel your best every single day of your life?

Bio: Colleen is a former on-camera meteorologist for the Weather Channel who left it all behind to be a stay-at-home mom. A homeschooling mother of four (birth through college), she is also a best-selling author, speaker, Image Consultant, founder of the Total Image Institute, and creator of the Style Academy. She now devotes her time to teach women of all ages how to simplify their closets (and their lives), save money on clothing, and learn what is best for their body type, coloring, lifestyle, and personality. Subscribe to Colleen‘s newsletter list to get her free training and notification of her free webinars!

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