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Questions from Texas Listeners for the Real Kathy Lee, in the Woodlands

During a recent trip to Texas, I had the pleasure of attending Morning in the Mud with Keri, speaking and sharing A Year of Playing Skillfully at the THSC conference in The Woodlands, meeting and receiving a makeover from the adorable Cuore, and several late night podcast recordings in the hotel room with Jamie and Arlene.

We thought our final podcast topic should come from the fine folks of Texas. We had some great questions and thought you might like to hear our great answers. 😉

  1. This is our second year doing A Year of Playing Skillfully. Do we need to add anything to the curriculum or just go deeper with the topics?
  2. What can I do to help my active two year-old stay busy indoors in Michigan during the LONG winters?
  3. Does A Year of Playing Skillfully cover Language Arts and what do you think about a Whole Language Approach?
  4. What do you do when your child seems to be enjoying all aspects of learning and out of the blue decides to push it away and resist?

Wow, these were all great questions and I loved having two seasoned mommas with me to answer them. You will want to tune in to hear our thoughts and opinions!

Next week, I am talking with Holly Giles from http://www.thegilesfrontier.com. Holly shares how her son’s brain injury helped her learn to school out of the box! Don’t miss it!

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