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Quarantine Fun Ideas | Are you ready for some quarantine fun ideas? I'm sure you are because by now you have probably tired of staying home because of the virus. | #homeschoolblogpost #homeschoolblog #quarantinefunideasforkids #funideasforkids #homeschoolideas #homeschool #homeschoolingkids #homeschooltips #funideasathome #funideaswithkidsQuarantine Fun Ideas For Kids

By: Samantha Anne Moss

Are you ready for some quarantine fun ideas? I’m sure you are because by now you have probably tired of staying home because of the virus. Unfortunately in a lot of places you aren’t allowed to have a gathering of more than ten people, (that is our family, eight kids and two adults) and many places are closed including our Church! This has been a devastating time for all of us, both as a family, as a community, and as a country. We all need to be strong together and not panic. When we go to the store we need to be considerate and kind. We should always thank the cashiers and all the people who work there, but I am sure at this time they are under even more pressure. 

How can we be considerate of others? That is a question we should ask ourselves daily. While I  am not brave and unafraid, being considerate is important. In truth, this is an uncertain time. I’m sure we are all scared! But that is another topic for another day. 

Today I will present five ideas that might make Covid19 less scary and allow you to have more fun while at home. Here are my top suggestions:

  1. Playing cards and/or board games is always a good pastime and stretches your mind. (Which should make your parents happy.) As a family we love playing Uno, Monopoly Deal, Manchola, Chinese Checkers, Risk and (my sister’s all-time favorite game) Chess.
  2. Putting on a play or having a talent show are good options and are fairly easy and extremely fun. Your parents will enjoy the entertainment.
  3. Playing games outside is very healthy and super fun. For example, staging races with your siblings, practice sports such as soccer, and even throwing and catching, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Scavenger hunts are challenging and the best part is that you can do it in so many different ways. One way to play is to search for specific objects in a specific amount of time. You can run around your house (if you are allowed to run indoors) and in five minutes try to find a series of objects. For example, a green shirt, pink pants, a circular object such as a DVD, a roll of tape, a big book, a blue pillowcase, etc. The ideas are limited to your imagination.
  5. A movie night is a great way to be together and have a good time. At the end of the movie, you can act out a character or a scene and have the rest of your family try to guess who you are and what you are doing. You can also discuss how you can make the ending better. Sometimes movies do not end the way you expect.

As I was writing this I began having trouble thinking of ideas to write, that is why I would like to thank my Mom, (Christina) and my older sister Emma, (who always wants to play Chess with me and always wins!) for helping me think of some fun ideas. I enjoyed writing this and I hope you have many ideas of things to do while in quarantine! 

About the author: 

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Samantha Anne Moss is a twelve-year-old homeschooler who lives in southwest Florida with her family. She enjoys reading, photography, and playing the piano. Samantha is the second oldest in a family of eight children.

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