The Race to 100 Game with Mr. D

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Podcast 26

Have you ever watched a young person do a computation in their head. Ever notice they will look up?  They are tapping into the part of the brain that does computation.  So why is it then, when we teach subtraction or when students try to do it on their fingers, they count going down. No wonder it is so difficult! Join Mr. D this week to learn how to subtract by counting up and how to play the race to 100 game.  You may notice as an adult, you already use this method but can’t remember when you learned how and were not taught to do this when you were a child.  Now you can teach this method to your children and play the game anytime. Find out why Mr. D says subtraction means to find the distance between things and how this shows up again and again in high school math when it comes to finding the slope or using the distance formula. You will be able to request a free online video with extra practice too!

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