Rachel Hirt: Homeschool Art in the Early Years

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 Rachel Hirt: Homeschool Art in the Early YearsEpisode #11- Rachel Hirt: Homeschool Art in the Early Years

 On this episode, meet Rachel Hirt, co-owner of Colorfull, an online art community for kids. She believes that every kiddo is an artist filled with tons of creativity! Rachel wants to help kids develop their artistic talents and discover all the fun possibilities that art offers.

Rachel, who was also homeschooled, shares the benefits of including art during the early years of homeschooling. “We want to make sure [our kids] know that 2 + 2 = 4, but we forget that creativity is a part of who we are,” explains Rachel. She then gives practical tips, adding, “We all have creativity in some form or fashion. As a parent, find what sparks creativity in your child.” Rachel then explains that creativity comes in many forms that may spark creativity in your child, suggesting that “maybe it’s cooking. Then create something in the kitchen together with your child.

Listen in to learn more from Rachel Hirt, a wife, small business owner, and mother to three little ones living in central Kansas. She’s also a homeschool graduate who studied art at Butler Community College before meeting and marrying her husband, Aaron. Aaron and Rachel have been married for nearly eight years and have been serving as children’s pastors for nearly that entire time.


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