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Raising Honorable Kids | Raising honorable kids takes work, it doesn't happen overnight! Here are some great tips. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #UHPNVHM – Raising Honorable Kids ~ Episode 357

Raising honorable kids takes work, it doesn’t happen overnight! In every generation, I am sure that grandparents comment that they are happy not to be raising kids in this “present” time due to all the horrible things that are happening. In today’s episode, we will discuss some of the pressing concerns for today’s parents along with real help.

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Every parent fears the will ruin their kids from time to time. As a homeschooling parent, we think, oh my gosh! We are going to miss some part of their education. We run from place to place to be sure our kids don’t miss out on socialization or any of the activities we want them to learn. We want well-rounded kids, kids that are great students and of course, honorable children who love the Lord. Right?

However, you are the perfect parent for your child. Why? Because God doesn’t make mistakes. We make mistakes by our choices or lack of action in working to deal with discipline problems.

Raising Honorable Kids Insights:  Read Blog Post here for more.

  1. Kids pick up more from what you do, parents should model good behavior.
  2. Association – who are your kids around? Are they good role models?
  3. Studying people who are honorable.


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