Special Replay: Raising Moral Kids In An Immoral Society

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raising moral kids in an immoral societyLet’s Talk About Raising Moral Kids In An Immoral Society with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #126

Help! I want to raise moral kids, but this is such a hard time to do so, right? It depends. In every society, there was moral decay and while I will be the first to agree that the moral climate today is horrible – I am encouraged by what I see around me. Tune into this podcast to be encouraged and supported as you strive to raise moral kids.


Show Notes:

Here is the ideal –

How are Homeschool Parents changing the culture?

  1. They are the people that are grounded in faith in Christ first and all else second
    1. They are focused on their marriage and their kids.
    2. They are the people who swim against the flow.
    3. The ones who don’t care what others think – but only what their spouse or kids think.
    4. The ones devoted and focused on providing a great education while developing their children’s gifts and talents.
    5. The ones who are encouraging, nurturing and enthusiastic about their kids and their progress – even if it is one step forward and two back on some days.
    6. They are the parents that are more concerned that their children are fed than the laundry, house or perfection is attained.


Are Homeschooled Students changing the culture?

    1. They love the Lord before everything else and are encouraged to have a personal relationship with Jesus no matter what their denomination
    2. They realize that they should be thankful for the little or the much they are given and always be thankful to the Lord for their gifts.
    3. Homeschoolers that change the culture are those that don’t buy into the culture.
    4. They are the ones with parents who are caring, encouraging and nurturing.
    5. They are the ones who are encouraged in whatever area their talents lie – my granddaughter and crafts – mass producing things…
    6. They are encouraged to pursue greatness.
    7. They are challenged by their education and seeking the best they can be.

Now – how do you attain this? Listen to this broadcast – and here are some questions to ponder:

  1. Do you have time to pray?
  2. What are the rules in your family?
  3. What does your family stand for?
  4. Do you encourage?
  5. Do you enjoy your kids?
  6. Do you have the time to devote to your family?
  7. How do you plan to change the moral culture in your family?
  8. What are ways you can introduce good books that teach morality by example and the lives of others?


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