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Hey, homeschoolers! I never thought I would have five boys, but I am so glad I do. I love them to the moon and back and judging by the response my episode on homeschooling boys got, so do you.

That’s why I was excited to read Durenda Wilson’s new book on the topic and to hear her thoughts on why it’s so important to think about how we are raising our boys. In Raising Boys to Men: A Simple, Mercifully Short Book on Raising and Homeschooling Boys, Durenda shares her almost three decades of experience raising and homeschooling her five boys. She brings wisdom and perspective that will inspire moms to see their sons in a fresh and hopeful way, so they can raise the next generation of boys to be courageous men of faith and action. I know you’ll love our conversation.

Episode Summary

Durenda Wilson, a homeschooling mother of eight boys, discusses the importance of raising boys and the challenges they face in today’s culture. She emphasizes the need for understanding and appreciating the unique characteristics and nature of boys, while also setting clear boundaries and instilling a strong work ethic. Wilson shares personal anecdotes and insights from her book, which aims to equip mothers with a better understanding of their sons and provide practical guidance for homeschooling and parenting boys. In this conversation, Durenda Wilson discusses her book ‘Raising Boys to Men’ and shares her insights on motherhood and parenting. She emphasizes the joy of raising children and the satisfaction that comes from hard work. Durenda also highlights the importance of shared responsibility in parenting and the role of fathers in raising sons. She concludes by providing information on how to get a copy of her book and hints at future conversations on homeschooling.

Raising Boys Resources

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