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Reading StrugglesDo you have a child that is a struggling reader?  Have you wondered if your child has dyslexia?   Once again Dr. Jan asks us to think differently and drop the thought of labels.  Labels are given when you can check off a number of present symptoms. What good is that?  The Neurodevelopmental Approach looks at what is causing the symptoms and finding solutions for those symptoms.

Common symptoms of dyslexia are difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling.  To be able to read, you need to have good visual abilities. To write, you need to know where you are spatially so that you can make your hand move across the page accurately. To spell correctly, the ability to visualize is extremely important.  Don’t know what all this means?  Listen to the podcast for a thorough explanation.

If your child has symptoms such as difficulty blending sounds into words, reversing letters, and/or reading slowly or hesitantly, don’t despair. Dr. Jan shares possible causes and solutions for these struggles.  There is hope. If you address the problems, these symptoms diminish or disappear entirely.  Once these issues are no longer troublesome, students quickly catch up to their peers.

This week’s Brain Coach Tip will start you down the path to taking the struggles out of reading.  You will also learn how you can be proactive with your preschool child to avoid reading struggles in their future.

Don’t miss the handout attached here with the symptoms of Dyslexia and the root causes that could be addressed with NeuroDevelopment.  You will also find discount codes.



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  1. I really like how you express concern over labels and are more concerned about finding a root cause than putting a label on it. I have been going back and forth on to label or not. I am someone who really wants to understand why . When you break it down, I know my son struggles with auditory processing that makes some things much harder for him. I have ruled out visual issues. My son often takes a while to respond to a question especially under stress, so a cross dominance issue seems to be probable. I really appreciate your clear breakdown of these issues. I believe that you have put this in a way that really makes sense and helps me understand my son and some of his struggles. Thank you!

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