Reasons to Be an Inclusive Homeschool Group

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Reasons to Be an Inclusive Homeschool Group with the Homeschool CPAAn inclusive homeschool group allows everyone to join regardless of their method of homeschooling and that includes students that are doing public school at home. Is public school-at-home really homeschooling or not? Should public school-at-home parents be joining your homeschool group? Some leaders grapple with the question of whether their group should be inclusive or more exclusive.


A question was asked about the pros and cons of mixing homeschool and public-school-at-home students in your group at I Am a Homeschool Group Leader Facebook page. The discussion had many homeschool leaders contributing their experiences and reason for their group’s decision. In this episode of the HomeschoolCPA podcast, Carol Topp will share some of the reasons that leaders gave to allow public-school-at-home students in your group:


  • Openness to all regardless of their choice of homeschool methods
  • A desire to help everyone concerned about their children’s education
  • The parents feel like they are homeschooling and still need support
  • Public-school-at-home parents see the freedom that traditional homeschoolers have and many switch to traditional homeschooling.
  • Stronger together


In the podcast Carol mentioned the Facebook  group for homeschool leaders: I am a Homeschool Group Leader. Join 400+ homeschool leaders for ideas, encouragement and respective exchange of ideas.



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  1. Wonderful episode. So many well thought out points and so warm and inviting. I am very interested in hearing the episode about those that limit who can participate. Those groups have good points too! It was a great conversation on the group, we all listened to each other.

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