Special Replay: Rediscovering The Joy In Motherhood

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Rediscovering the Joy in MotherhoodRediscovering the Joy in Motherhood with Kathy Lee

On this episode, I have the pleasure of talking with one of my favorite homeschooling moms on the planet. Keri Vasek is the mother of three muddlings and opens up to share her journey of losing her joy (and rediscovering it). You will see in this episode just why I call my show The REAL Kathy Lee and often refer to myself as a hot mess!

In this captivating episode, I am thrilled to engage in a heartfelt conversation with Keri Vasek, a remarkable homeschooling mother whose journey of rediscovering joy resonates deeply with me. As the host of “The REAL Kathy Lee” show, I’ve had the privilege of meeting inspiring individuals, but Keri’s story is a true gem.

Keri, a loving mother of three, candidly shares her personal odyssey, one that many of us can relate to. She speaks candidly about a time when she felt like she had lost her joy, a sentiment that often plagues parents and caregivers amidst the demands of daily life. Her honesty is refreshing, reminding us that it’s okay to embrace our “hot mess” moments.

Throughout the episode, Keri’s resilience and authenticity shine through. Her journey towards rediscovering joy is a testament to the power of self-reflection, perseverance, and the supportive community that homeschooling can provide. As Keri opens up about her experiences, listeners are bound to find inspiration in her words, understanding that even in the midst of chaos and challenges, there is a path back to joy.

So, tune in to this episode of “The REAL Kathy Lee” to witness Keri Vasek’s touching story, and join me in celebrating the beauty of embracing our authentic selves, imperfections, and all.



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