Refreshment For Moms

refreshment for momsRefreshment For Moms with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz

Refreshment for Moms? Is that possible? If you are you a mom-this show is for you! In this episode, Meredith and Felice discuss their take on refreshments for moms. Each shares several points on how to live a balanced life, to look at each crisis as it comes along and deal with each with prayer and discernment. For any mom, especially homeschool moms these daily events can take your breath away. Veteran moms give great help and advice for you!

Podcast #220

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Meredith Curtis –


Meredith Curtis – Refreshment For Moms

  1. Fix your eyes on Jesus –the person of Jesus
  2. Relax and fix our eyes on Jesus
  3. Normal Christian Life – book recommendation
  4. Jesus loves and is with me – He has over come
  5. Realistic expectations
  6. Here in this life we will have trouble
  7. Things don’t work the way we expect
  8. Worship in your homeschool


Felice Gerwitz –  Refreshment For Moms

  1. Be quiet before the Lord – A Few Minutes with God Podcast
  2. What is He asking
  3. Are we following His will
  4. Are we swimming with or against the stream?
  5. Like minded friends and families
  6. Learn to say NO – without guilt


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