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Learn To Rejoice In All Circumstances

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day necessities of life. Each day can bring obstacles to overcome, hardship and events that bring laughter and joy to our hearts. But, do we realize that each and every moment of every day is filled with blessings. Those blessings may look different and may cause a myriad of emotions, but we can rejoice in each finding the beauty and love we are called to receive and share from others.

Join Rebecca Brandt, as she walks the road of Rejoicing Daily. Together with her guests, you will be equipped to fully embrace

 This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24  KJV

rebecca brandt

About the Hostess
Rebecca Brandt is a homeschool Mom who has experienced the pain of death at an early age, the divorce of her parents, her own divorce – and redeemed marriage and loss of her mother and miscarriage. While life has not been easy, Rebecca is learning to truly embrace each day and rejoice in all circumstances. She isn’t perfect at this, but she is learning to run to the One who is – who gives her strength in the hard days to know they are equipping her for His glory and purpose.
Homeschool Mother's Prayer Journal 125

Rebecca’s faith and knowledge of the power to prayer has lead her to write several prayer journals. One is specifically written for Homeschool Moms –The Homeschool Mother’s Prayer Journal – A New School Year is perfect for all homeschool Moms during any portion of the homeschool Year. The days we spend at home are blessings, but we need direction through God’s Word.


You can find Rebecca at Mom’s Mustard Seeds, where she plants seeds of faith and prayer to help Moms move mountains.

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Rejoicing Daily

Accept Responsibility for Your Actions not the Actions of Other People

It is so easy to forget that we are to accept responsibility for our actions, not the actions of other people. I realized this a few months ago because I was upset due to the actions of another person. Their actions did not impact me, personally. But, I was actually angry because I could not […]

You Don’t Have to Homeschool ALL of Your Children

Homeschool YES, You can Homeschool all of your children, some of your children, or one of your children. Seek God’s will for your family, your children and their education. If He directs your path to homeschool all, some, one or none of your children, that is the path you should take. Join me and Kerry […]

Homeschooling With a Large Family

Homeschooling with a Large Family Are you homeschooling 1, 2, 3 or 4 children? You may or may not think you are homeschooling a large family. Honestly, there are days I do think homeschooling 3 children is quite a bit different from homeschooling 1 or 2 children. However, I KNOW homeschooling 3 children is different […]

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs

Special Needs Homeschooling is a topic that is discussed more now than ever. No longer are parents under the impression that they can’t homeschool a child who needs extra help, but many are actually bringing home children who do have special needs. When we brought one of our children home, we did so because we […]

Adoption and Foster Care

  Are you considering Foster Care and possibly Adoption? Are you fearful about how to do that whether or not you homeschool? Many face that same fear. But, it is possible to follow the path of Foster Care and/or Adoption of God is leading you down that path. Today, my friend Aurie from Our Good Family […]

Mentoring Others by Building Relationships and Trust

All around the world, women are seeking others to walk this journey with them. So many grew up in broken homes, through divorce, death and just need someone to help them learn the beauty of loving their husbands and their children. It seems like it would be easy to find someone to walk this journey, […]

Homeschooling With Littles (and a little about Canadian Homeschooling)

  Are you a homeschooler? Do you have a baby? Do you have multiple children under 10? Are you wondering how you can maintain the relationship with your husband? Do you want to know a little about Homeschooling in Canada? And where do you begin as a Daughter of the most HIGH King??? How on earth […]

Homeschooling Can Be a Ministry

  Homeschooling can be a  ministry in your home and around the world. Too often we can get stuck in meeting the academic needs of our children and miss the bigger (and better) picture of discipling them to become adults that serve others in their local area and around the world. How do you do that? Well, […]

Keeping Homeschool Simple

Simple Homeschool: two words that sound beautiful but may seem difficult for anyone (especially after they have attended a homeschool conference.) 25 years ago, homeschoolers did not have the options they do now for: curriculum, co-ops, online classes, and extra curricular activities. However, we see the results of that generation as the children are grown, […]

Rejoicing Daily with Israel Wayne

It’s easy to think that everyone who homeschools is perfect (except you). When you walk into co-op, a Mom’s meeting or a convention, it’s easy to assume everyone attending and speaking at the convention/group grew up in a perfect home focused on Christ and they would turn their back on you if they knew the […]

Rejoicing Daily Crystal Paine

Are you ready to say goodbye to survival mode? YES! This is the first step in living a life of joy and Rejoicing Daily. I am so excited to share this fantastic interview with Crystal Paine: Money Saving Mom, as she encourages you from the heart. As you listen to Crystal, take notes and pay […]

Welcome to Rejoicing Daily

I am so excited to welcome you to Rejoicing Daily! I am dedicated to helping all families truly Rejoice Daily in All Situations! Each show will highlight a special guest who is walking (or has walked) the journey you are on and they will provide insight regarding the trials they have faced and the joys […]

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