Remedy Review – Benzoicum Acidum for Kidney Problems

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Benozicum Acidum for Kidney Problems - Homeopathy for Mommies with Sue Meyer ND CCH #homeopathy #kidneyToday we’re going to talk about an amazing remedy called benzoicum acidum. It is in the Homeopathy for Mommies book and it’s a remedy that anyone who has ever had Achilles Tendon heal pain and they don’t know why. You’re not going to think you need this remedy until you start having a lot of stress in your life or your urine habits change. This remedy has a huge effect upon the kidneys and their function.

So think of benzoic acid whenever there’s, there’s kidney or bladder problems. It is amazing for kidney disorders and like Sue has said in previous podcasts, all emotion runs through the kidney meridian. Just one or two doses will straighten things out very quickly. And another thing is the achilles pain and reflexology. We recognize the body’s map system, the achilles tendon, a huge indicative point of upcoming kidney disease or kidney weakness.  And of course it is used for Kidney Stones as well.

“Benzoicum Acidum: “Strong Smelling Urine”
(Benzoic Acid)(Anti-Sycotic-Uric Acid Diathesis)
This remedy has a strong affinity for the Kidneys and their function. Uric Acid Diathesis. Gouty and Asthmatic:
*Suits Well: Gouty and
Rheumatic constitutions.
Bladder/ Kidneys/ Urinary: Bedwetting with strong, dark urine. Dribbling Urine especially of Old Men with Enlarged Prostate. When kidney’s are the cause of:
Achilles pain. (In reflexolgy, we recognize the body’s map system. Hence, Achilles pain is often a first sign of Kidney weakness/disease.)”


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  1. Marianne Graves says

    fantastic info, thank you!

  2. My husband is 82 years old and has been on dyalysis since 10/2018. Is there any possibility of this helping his kidneys?

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