Remedy Review: Lyssinum: The Rabies Remedy

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Remedy Review: Lyssinum: The Rabies RemedyThis week on Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer talks about Lyssinum, commonly known as the Rabies remedy. Lyssinum is a close analog of the animal poisons and has been used Homeoprophylactically to prevent the development of rabies. Also, for the side effects of the rabies shots. This nosode has been used for the effects of bites from non-rabid dogs (or other bites) especially when headaches are present. Or when there is a history of having been bitten and there is an un-characteristic anger with desire to strike another.

This remedy has lots of fear rubrics: Fear of injury, being attacked or Desire to attack. Fear of water. This remedy has They fear of large bodies of water. Fear something bad will happen. Fear of insanity. Of driving, Airplanes, Injury, Suffocation, Choking. Being bitten by dogs. Of being alone. Claustrophobia. Agoraphobia. Hydrophobia. Fear of Mirrors in room. During pregnancy; Strange notions and apprehensions during pregnancy.

You can find more about this remedy in Sue’s new book, Homeopathy Beyond Acute Care (

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