Remedy Spotlight: All About Belladonna

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All about BelladonnaThis week Sue Meyer is talking about a very important “must have” remedy, Belladonna.  She shares her personal experiences with using Belladonna for critical illnesses and also talks about the several ways you can use Belladonna for other symptoms and conditions.

Here is an excerpt from her book, Homeopathy for Mommies:  Belladonna is the remedy to use when the pains have come on Suddenly and with Great Violence, and subside suddenly. You will notice the Heat: there is always violent heat with the inflammations; it has inflammation of any organ. External/Internal. Much Suffering and Delirium. Red, Hot, Burning or Throbbing: Comes on Quickly. This is the description of a Belladonna issue. All three are usually present, but He will always describe the pain as Throbbing. (Stabbing, pulsing, etc. are synonyms of Throbbing.)
*Suits Well: Full blooded persons with red face and to conditions of localized plethoria (Congestion of Blood in a Part). Inflammatory States with pain, throbbing, shiny redness as in acute gout. To the bilious, lymphatic temperament. In persons who are jovial when well, but violet when ill: therefore a great children’s remedy.
~Effects of: Ill Effects of hair cutting, head getting wet. Eating sausage, or Sunstroke. Walking in the wind or a draft.”

You can get more in-depth descriptions of remedies like this in Sue’s Crash Course in Homeopathy! Sue has developed a 10-Class AUDIO Series based on her book, Homeopathy for Mommies, that gives you a “Crash Course” in learning how to use homeopathy to treat acute conditions in your family.  Click Here to see more!





Homeopathy for Mommies
Homeopathy for Mommies
Sue Meyer

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  1. Janice Burlet says

    I was told not to use Belladonna with my eye conditions glaucoma and macular degeneration…….what are your thoughts on this……is there different Belladonna formulas perhaps?

    Thank you for all you do…..blessings,
    Kam B

  2. Hi Sue! I have seen that glassy, shining eye look in one of my grandsons when he is ill. I will keep Belladonna in mind for him in the future.
    I just thought I would let you know about an influenza that my grandchildren (every one of them) just had. It first had the chest congestion and then it would go into the head and cause the nose twinging and eye irritation. It lasted for 2 wks for some of us. I tried aconite and bryonia at first but it did nothing. Then I went with hepar sulph because it sounded like infection could set in. For the chest also we did spongia and ant tart for some of them. My one granddaughter who was staying with me got over it very well because I could keep her on a treatment schedule. Some people were having alot of sinus and ear stuff but we did not have any of that. I will keep belladonna in mind for future. I also gave some ferr phos cell salt to nourish.
    I thought I would tell you about this because we are just a little northwest of you. The doctors here were saying this was an influenza that escaped the southern hemisphere. And it spreads like wildfire. Just giving you a heads up.

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