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Homeopathic Remedy Spotlight: Arsenicum Album -- with Sue Meyer from Homeopathy for MommiesJoin Sue for a look into the world of a most popular homeopathic remedy! Arsenicum Album is popular as an acute treatment remedy or as a very deep acting chronic condition remedy. Learn more by joining us in this podcast.

From the Homeopathy for Mommies eBook on Arsenicum Album:

Arsenicum Album: “Poisoning”

This should be the first remedy that you reach for when illness of an unknown nature is coming through the house. In today’s world, we are constantly being exposed to external gas, toxins or other harmful elements. Arsenicum will quickly speak to the body’s unique defense system and trigger its “Poison Incoming” Alarm! 

*Great Prostration with rapidly sinking vital forces.

*Effects of: Ill effects of food poisoning. Eating ice. Poor diet, watery fruits, tobacco, drugs, sea bathing, traveling. Care, grief, fright, Sewer/swamp gas poising. Toxic exposure. Financial loss, poverty, poisoned wounds.

*Stomach flu symptoms: Food poisoning: with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Cannot bear sight or smell of food. Cold water immediate vomiting.  Heartburn. Belching, gulping up of acid and bitter substance which seems to burn throat.

*Allergies/Hay Fever: thin watery discharge from nose, which Burns the lip, nose is stuffy, sneezing which brings no relief.

*Anxiety: This Patient is Always Restless: he has many fears and so has much anxiety.

* Acute cystitis, with violent burning pains. Retention of urine, after confinement. Bedwetting.

* Fevers: at night with anxiety, restlessness. High fever. Septic fevers. Delirium . Complete exhaustion. Coldness in spots, blue nails. Internal chill with external heat and red cheeks. Body cold as ice.

*Diarrhea with small, frequent and raw burning stools with restlessness. Fetid odor, as if had eaten rotten food.

* Cough with exhaustion, collapse, anemia, nervous irritability.

Eyes: Conjunctivitis: Burning in the eyes with acid-like tearing/watering: lids are granulated, ulcerated or scabby/scaly.

* Fears someone is Stealing from him. Or he’s being poisoned “I don’t trust you.” For Fear of dying so can die peacefully-higher potency works well.

* Flu-like symptoms: Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea, Symptoms, have restlessness and desire for small, frequent amounts of liquid. Bad effects from ingesting “off” food-Or other toxic material. Rids body of Toxins: For anything that makes one

* Palpitations with anguish, worse at night. Irritable heart in smokers and chewers. *Difficulty breathing, fainting spells.

*Twitching: facial muscles

*Pneumonia from taking cold. Pulmonary edema. Emphysema. Expectoration scanty, frothy. Thick, yellow, green, bitter, salty. Asthma: From suppressed eruptions. Wheezing on lying down. Breath too rapid, even when at rest.

* “Thirst for Small Amounts” of liquid. Depressed, Despairing, indifferent: Anxious, fearful, Restless, anguished: Irritable, sensitive, peevish, easily vexed. “Feel” like they are Poisoned/or are actually poisoned. (MSG, pesticide exposure, animals that drink anti-freeze, etc.)  [It is a good idea to also give Vegetable Charcoal capsules when anything toxic has actually been ingested. Carbon acts to absorb the toxins while passing through the body, then safely export them out: these capsules are usually available in any health food area of most stores.]

**Skin symptoms alternate with Asthma or internal disorders. Eruptions, popular, dry, rough, scaly, worse cold. Burning, restless.

*Anxiety/nervous exhaustion.

*Sensation: Burning Pains. Tearing, needle-like pains, stinging pains as from red-hot needles.


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