Restfully Classical with Amy Sloan

Amy Sloan and her husband pursue a restfully-classical education by grace alone! Amy hosts the “Homeschool Conversations” podcast.“Restful Classical” Homeschooling with Amy Sloan of Humility & Doxology

Amy Sloan and her husband are both 2nd generation homeschoolers who are homeschooling their five kids, ages 6-16. They pursue a restfully-classical education by grace alone! Amy  If you hang out with Amy for any length of time you’ll quickly learn that she loves overflowing book stacks, giant mugs of coffee, beautiful memory work, and silly memes. At any moment she could break into song and dance from Hamilton, 90s country music, or Shakespeare. Amy writes at and hosts the “Homeschool Conversations” podcast.

Classical: We are raising a human with the goal towards raising virtuous men and women who are humble and love their neighbor well.

Restful: We can’t do all the things perfectly

  1. Resting the work of Christ
  2. Focus on Beautiful ideas and Relationships

Amy’s tips for Families that are just starting out with Homeschooling

  • Leave whitespace in your schedule
  • Develop habits of self discipline
    • Momma
    • Kids
  • Choose one thing to do all together each day- daily gathering of Memory Work

John Holt The Way Children Learn, et al

Growing Without Schooling Magazine

For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer MacCaully

What is Classical Education?

Classical Memory taught by History Cycles


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