Robotics competitions

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Robotics Competitions

231: Robotics competitions with Dawn and Nate Garrett

Guests Dawn Garrett and her son Nate join us to talk about Robotics Competitions. You can learn about Nate’s team here and see their 2023 competition robot

If you missed episode 225 on An Introduction to Robotics – start by listening to that.

You can find general information about robotics in this blog post – Robotics in your Homeschool

These are the questions our guests answered.

1. Nate: How long have you been involved in robotics?
2. Dawn: Why did you think about robotics as an area for Nate to get involved in?
3. Dawn: How did you find a FLL team?
4. Nate: Over the years on FLL – what roles did you play on the team? What did you enjoy most about FLL
5. Dawn: How did you find a First Robotics team?
6. Nate: How is this different from FLL? What do you have to do? What is your role on the team?
7. How does the contest work?
8. Nate: What have you enjoyed most doing robotics?
9. Nate: What has been the biggest challenge?
10. Nate: What have you learned?
11 Dawn: What have you observed as a parent watching Nate get involved? What do you think the biggest benefits have been?
12. Nate: Has robotics influenced your ideas for a career?

You can find Dawn at
Instagram: LadyDusk
Dawn is also the Community Manager for

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Robotics Competitions

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